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Leveraging your free Operation Orchestration Community Edition at HP Discover


Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales


Did you hear that HP just quietly announced the “Community Edition” of Operation Orchestration?  You can find the download and all the details here - and see it in action at HP Discover today!


This release is simply game changing for every organization. The two hours you will spend downloading it is truly an investment. This is the enterprise version of Operations Orchestration—and it’s FREE!  We have decided that it is in best interest of the user community to supply the enterprise-ready product. As you know, some software organizations chose to put some stripped down, low-end solution out in the “Community” edition and offer an upgrade or richer functionality to the enterprise for a cost.  HP does not believe in this approach.  By offering the enterprise version in the community edition we show the power, ease of use and tremendous “Hard Dollar” savings Operations Orchestration offers every client regardless of size.


Just so you know there are some monthly transaction limitations but there are no functionality limitations. The goal of the “Community Edition”  is  to allow anyone and everyone to experience and  appreciate the value Operations Orchestration can deliver to their organization at their own speed without the need to contact a sales rep, schedule a POC or setup endless demonstrations.


You need to download the Community Edition now! Every day you are not using Operations Orchestration powerful Run Book Automation to perform automated remediation for both events and incidents, you are wasting both time and money.


Don’t be that person who watches from the sidelines and waits for something to happen.  Instead step up and be a leader or change agent in your organization.  This is your opportunity to see how Operations Orchestration can benefit your company, your organization and most importantly you career.


In addition to the Community Edition of the software, HP has invested in establishing a true community of experts from R&D, Products and clients. This is because the release of the Community Edition is less about the software and more about establishing a community of likeminded individuals who what to learn, share and contribute to the greater good as we all look to expand our horizons.


What are you waiting for?

The solution is the best on the market, it is enterprise ready and is not some stripped down version.  You can find the download here.


Lastly be an active participant in the community and learn how Operations Orchestration gets you start onto your Orchestrated Datacenter journey. I promise the more you participate, the more you will learn—because the Community is greater than any one individual. I look forward to learning about all of the value you create in your organization inside of a week or a month.  This is going to be fun!!!



HP Discover 2014.jpgJoin us at HP Discover

At our semi-annual event enjoy the many specially prepared topics on automating, orchestrating and transforming your IT environments. Check out session TB3256 and be part of customer discussions - on orchestrating your way to becoming a IT superstar using Operations Orchestration. Next, swing by the immersive demo experiences over at the Automation and Cloud Management booths to see it in action. We look forward to seeing you there!


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