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Looking for another interesting read? – Check this out this article on Software Defined Data Centers

Chris Purcell

 I don’t want to be accused of moving readership way from this cloud blog, but did wanted to promote a new site I came across today focused around virtualization - Software Defined Data Centers. It makes an interesting read. Here’s an excerpt from the article I found there:


“We also understand that SDDC is a concept and a vision. Each day you go to work and have to deal with your reality—even if it is virtualized.  You have to deal with real problems in your virtualized reality. This is not the virtual reality of a game or simulation. The reality of managing virtualized infrastructure is complex and dynamic by nature. We refer to it as “vReality”.


Your vReality is further complicated by many real issues and existing technologies.  You face the challenges of:


•Legacy applications that are not easily virtualized

•Users who want their services running on “their” physical resources

•Prior investments in systems and infrastructure

•Current tools and processes for managing your data center… the list goes on.


This blog is designed to facilitate a discussion about these challenges. It will provide practical and factual information about software-defined data centers. If you think we are “spinning” the information we present, let us know. This is a blog, not a magazine. The purpose is to allow for a constructive dialogue.


Check out the new blog and read the entire story if you have interest:




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