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Manage your Entire Cloud Estate with HPE Helion Cloud Suite



The early days of cloud presented IT departments with a new landscape of binary options, an either/or world of difficult decisions: Public versus private, containers versus virtualization, cloud native versus traditional. As an industry, we’ve come to see that the reality of a modern datacenter is not so black and white. To realize the full power of this third revolution of computing, IT departments must use the right cloud–be it public, private, or managed–for the right use case.

But the advantages of being able to place the right workload in the right location bring new challenges of increased complexity. Failing to properly manage the disparate components of a multi-cloud environment can spell trouble for IT pros already under increasing pressure to be more responsive, to control costs, and to stem the spread of shadow IT.


That explains why Dimensional Research reported in April that an astonishing 94 percent of survey respondents said that they needed an integrated hybrid cloud management system.

Enter HPE Helion Cloud Suite, which is now generally available.  

Designed for organizations that want the freedom to use any cloud, any environment, and any technology for any application, HPE Helion Cloud Suite accelerates service delivery and offers end-to-end visibility with real-time monitoring and reports. By unifying our best IT management software with our IaaS and PaaS platforms, we’ve created an industry-leading software suite that helps your teams work together to deliver what your organization needs, when it needs it.

HPE Helion Cloud Suite delivers:

  • An automated self-service catalog
  • A cloud native development platform
  • Automated analytics, monitoring, and remediation
  • Hybrid cloud management software that works across clouds and across technologies
  • A library of ready-to-use content and open APIs to quickly automate processes



 We are offering the HPE Helion Cloud Suite in three flavors: HCS Express, HCS Premium, and HCS Ultimate. Each edition is crafted to meet particular enterprise use cases.

With complete lifecycle management for bare metal, virtual machines, and containers, HCS Express offers complete infrastructure automation. Now you can provision secure and compliant resources within minutes of receiving the request.

HCS Premium delivers multi-cloud management and continuous delivery for any application in any environment. With HPE Helion Stackato, our cloud-native application platform, included as part of HCS Premium, you can easily sand up Cloud Foundry® clusters, allowing your developers to take advantage of the industry-leading multi-vendor open source PaaS platform, as well as automate the build/test/deploy cycle for cloud-native applications.

Transform to a cloud service broker with HCS Ultimate. Make it fast and easy for business units to use IT resources with aggregated catalogs, business value dashboards, microservice brokering, and automated planning and decision analysis.

See how HPE Helion Cloud Suite lets you keep your cloud options open to quickly deliver the secure and compliant IT resources your organization needs to succeed.

Experience cloud freedom.

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About the Author


As Vice President of Cloud Products and Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I lead the HPE Helion portfolio, including HPE Helion OpenStack®, HPE Helion Stackato, HPE Helion CloudSystem, and HPE Helion Eucalyptus, extending across our Private Cloud and Managed Cloud routes-to-market. In prior lives I’ve been the General Manager of the Microsoft App Server business; helped start and deliver multiple versions of the .NET and Azure developer platforms; and was responsible for the SQL Server and Xbox platforms as their General Manager. I’ve also worked at three startups, one of which (NEON Systems) IPO’ed in 1999. I live with my wife and three daughters in Redmond, WA, and like rainy winter days because they mean fresh powder on the weekends. Follow me on Twitter @omrig.

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