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Moving the entire data center to the Cloud in 6 months!! Are you kidding me?


Seadrill.jpgLast week as I was watching the new Seadrill video by HP that I helped edit, I felt like I was viewing a scene from Mission Impossible:  Migrate the head office and data center of the world's largest offshore oil and gas drilling company from a traditional environment to a completely cloud-based operation for all corporate systems. Relocate the executive team's systems to London, and move the corporate back office and IT to Dubai. Oh, and do so in only six months, at a competitive cost. HP Enterprise Cloud Services did all this and more, successfully transforming the entire IT infrastructure of Seadrill from legacy systems to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with virtual private cloud. Here's my quick recap of the Seadrill migration.


A virtual private cloud environment helps Seadrill to

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Pay only for the usage it consumes
  • Rapidly provision additional IT resources
  • Achieve increased reliability and security
  • Accommodate legacy applications


With a market capitalization of $20 billion and offices across the globe, Seadrill requires an agile and reliable IT infrastructure that can support its business 24x7. According to Seadrill vice president and CIO Richard du Plessis, virtual cloud gives the company the ability to react to capacity changes as demand shifts, a key benefit for business operations.


Shift from CAPEX to OPEX


What drove the move to virtual private cloud? The existing Seadrill data center in Stavanger, Norway, needed refreshing. The infrastructure had to accommodate the changing workload generated by company mergers and acquisitions but still incorporate legacy data center applications. The virtual private cloud keeps IT current and provides the flexibility to manage the capacity. It also shifts operations from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model, allowing the company to pay for only the resources it needs when it needs them.


By enlisting executive sponsorship from the beginning and ensuring the proper skill sets and processes were in place prior to the cloud launch, Seadrill avoided the typical roadblocks that can derail a cloud transformation. My colleagues in HP Enterprise Cloud Services for Virtual Private Cloud mapped out a strategy in advance to ensure that Seadrill could migrate its applications with minimal impact on day-to-day operations. Watch the video to see for yourself how HP helped Seadrill migrate to the cloud.


High availability and disaster recovery for continuous operation      


"The need for our system to be up and running is absolutely paramount," Seadrill VP and CIO du Plessis says on the video. A virtual private cloud gives Seadrill the assurance of high availability. Adds du Plessis, "If I want more capacity tomorrow morning, I just turn the button and I get it. The more you can put into the virtual environment, the more high availability you have."


Seadrill also benefits from a "hardened' environment that guards against attacks and viruses and helps protect against outages and data loss. Like many fast-growing companies, Seadrill had neglected its disaster recovery efforts. The HP solution provides a two-tier disaster-recovery solution that combines tape-based recovery with cloud continuity.


The flexibility to scale


The virtual private cloud enables Seadrill to change its data center capacity at will. There's no longer any need to consider issues such as air conditioning or other physical requirements. On the video du Plessis says, "I can just go online and say, give me some more. To me it's like I just took a problem away, so I can focus on the things that really count for the business."


Visit HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Virtual Private Cloud to learn more about how a virtual private cloud can benefit your environment.


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