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MyCloud gets a new business model to deliver cloud services with HP CloudSystem


myCloud.PNGMyCloud, a brand of Gemini Technology, provides enterprise cloud solutions to businesses throughout Europe. The company offers public, private and hybrid cloud services along with disaster recovery and back-up services. MyCloud specialists work closely with clients to create new innovations with each cloud project.


johnathan Browne.jpgPROBLEM

For approximately 18 months, the company’s managing director, Jonathan Browne, was in various stages of exploring a change in Gemini Technology’s business model, from being a traditional reseller of on-premise solutions and services to one that offered “cloud” services for its clients—an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution.


Browne had several requirements based on his business priorities. While he wanted to expand the company’s cloud services portfolio, he also needed to ensure his cloud investment would provide the needed return. This required a flexible cloud that could support a lean and more efficient services delivery operation. The cloud solution also needed to provide a scalable framework to support future business growth and anticipated client demand.



From past experiences, Browne recognized the value of working with HP as a singular, proven provider that could ease the transition to the company’s new model. Calling on his HP account team and technical experts, he considered the available cloud options for this business-changing decision, ultimately choosing the HP CloudSystem—part of the HP Helion portfolio of cloud solutions—to build its cloud solution.


HP CloudSystem is a converged solution that allows MyCloud to automate its cloud services for clients—from infrastructure to application. The HP Helion Private Cloud platform is truly valued by MyCloud, and was especially valuable during the selection process of a virtualization software provider since it offers heterogeneous capabilities, making it compatible with both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware, hence delivering a dual virtualization platform that is a differentiator in the marketplace.


While making the strategic cloud decision, MyCloud had pre-announced and started marketing the new cloud services to clients. With the decision made, clients were already “lined up,” ready to take advantage of MyCloud’s new business model. Clearly, Browne needed the cloud platform in production as soon as possible—each day might mean lost revenue and unhappy customers. In just a matter of weeks, HP Helion Professional Services provided the needed support and expertise to achieve an aggressive implementation timeline. HP Financial Services also helped MyCloud reach its targeted investment level when purchasing the solution.



The HP Helion Private Cloud, supported by HP Helion Professional Services, has given MyCloud the business model to better serve existing clients and reach new clients in new markets.


Before implementing the HP cloud, MyCloud re-sold services from a local service provider to support its clients’ needs for a public cloud. With the new HP Helion Private Cloud, MyCloud now has greater control to meet or exceed its service level agreements for happier clients, while delivering increased margin and greater ROI.


With its scalable HP cloud, MyCloud’s operation is much more efficient based on dramatic improvements in the provisioning of additional resources, services, and applications that is now automated and repeatable. For example, MyCloud staff no longer needs to “start from scratch” when deploying and securing a new operating system application. This has significantly reduced its project delivery timelines, allowing the company to deploy solutions faster and with less impact to clients’ migration paths.


“Our clients are consistently impressed with our aggressive project delivery timelines, which have been cut in half since deploying the HP cloud,” advises Browne. “With our efficiency gains, we have been able to deliver significant cost savings for both our company and our clients.”


Browne also believes HP’s strong brand helps differentiate and sell MyCloud services in the marketplace. And MyCloud’s future continues to be bright as it looks to expand and deploy a second HP private cloud site for customers requiring more power, storage, and services.

HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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