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New HP Neutron Course Adding Momentum to OpenStack Curriculum


Guest post by Kelly Baig, TS Education Services


Last month, we re-introduced our partnership with EXIN offering the first vendor-neutral OpenStack™ certification exam available in the market. This provides good grounding for our market-leading OpenStack™ curriculum, which offers the largest number of courses available in the training industry. Our courses include Foundational training, as well as expert courses on Neutron (networking), Swift (object storage) and Cinder (block storage).


This month, our Education Services team is excited to announce the upcoming availability of a new OpenStack™ Neutron course for Troubleshooting and Tuning, which simply adds technical depth and momentum to our offering. Our offering is already the market-leading course curriculum available on OpenStack™, with more classes available and the only vendor-neutral EXIN certification in the market.


Some of the details of the upcoming new course:

  • Course Title: Neutron Troubleshooting and Tuning
  • Course Number: H8Q17S
  • Duration: 2 Days

Description: This two-day course gives students an in-depth look at complex networking in OpenStack™ using Neutron. The objective is to teach the skills to design, build, manage, and troubleshoot a scalable, extensible, and highly available network within an OpenStack™ environment. The students get extensive hands-on lab experience with the course topics in a dedicated, pre-built OpenStack™ environment. This course assists in preparing students to pass expert-level OpenStack™ Neutron certification exams.


Who the course is designed for:

  • Network administrators
  • Network architects
  • Solution architects
  • Sales engineers
  • Technical marketing staff
  • OpenStack™ administrators
  • OpenStack™ architects

What is required to attend the OpenStack™ Neutron Tuning & Troubleshooting course? You need two types of knowledge as the foundation for this course: 1) you need OpenStack Fundamentals – demonstrated either through EXIN certification or through taking HP training courses; and 2) basic LAN and WAN networking protocol knowledge including Ethernet and TCP/IP, and networking mechanics like firewalls and routers.


Is HP’s OpenStack™ training vendor-neutral? Yes, HP offers better options for vendor-neutral training with more technical information shared, supported by hands-on lab time, than any other vendor.


Is HP’s OpenStack™ training just the same as other vendor training? No, HP courses are offered with HP Virtual Lab support and support EXIN certification offerings. HP is a partner with EXIN, the world’s premier provider of OpenStack certification testing. This partnership is designed to offer truly vendor-neutral certifications as defined by EXIN, through the global presence of HP doing business with consistent training and certification availability around the world.


HP already offers training for OpenStack™ Neutron, right? So, what’s new with this course? Yes, HP has offered a course for OpenStack Neutron for a good long while. Students attending that class have requested additional training opportunities for in-depth Neutron tuning and troubleshooting. We listened and in partnership with HP’s Helion cloud computing engineering team; we’ve built what we believe is a very robust course that will help you optimize your Neutron network. Our team is here to help get you trained and boost your confidence – which is something that is harder to get from just reading manuals and postings.


What type of lab access does the course provide? Our training uniquely provides access to our HP Virtual Lab environment – with its cloud and networking environment available for hands-on skills development. There is no good substitute for the HPVL technology experience offered with this course – with the support of an instructor, as well as being available outside of classroom hours for skills re-enforcement and practice.


When is the new instructor-led Neutron Troubleshooting and Tuning course available from HP? HP has scheduled the first live course, to run in Sept 2015. Monitor the Cloud curriculum registration link, to obtain your seat as soon as this class becomes live.




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