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Only HP provides a unified, hybrid cloud experience with SAP

Chris Purcell

Written by Deepak Belani


Every vendor claims to have a hybrid cloud solution but can they provide a unified cloud experience?

HP does!

Hope you had a chance to read my previous blog “HP hybrid cloud in action! Cloud automation from business demand to production for SAP landscapes”, where I briefly touched on the pain customers feel as they develop, manage and deploy services across private, hosted and public cloud – all without much automation. They are manually moving services between different cloud models, aligning people, organizational teams and consumers. Plus they are facing challenges to modify service requirements as they move between these various deployment platforms.


So, what’s HP’s cloud vision and how does it address the customer challenges?


HP’s vision is to provide a unified, hybrid cloud experience with SAP 


HP offers the ability to deploy, automate and manage an SAP landscape environment from public to private cloud. This includes deploying the service in the right cloud according to service requirements. Then if the service requirements change, re-deploying in another cloud with automation through the lifecycle from business demand to production readiness.


HP is leading with SAP services in public, private, and hosted clouds from business demand to production. This includes lifecycle management—addressing deployment to business and operational requirements. With this value stream for design and deployment of cloud services helping IT vision, HP provides the hybrid delivery model helping IT departments remain agile and better able to respond to the needs of users and business. Click here to view the solution brief.


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