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OpenStack Infrastructure Team Colorado Sprint Success


At the end of February members from the OpenStack Infrastructure team from all over the world and various companies convened at the HPE offices in Fort Collins to work on a single project, Infra Cloud.

All of the changes submitted to the OpenStack process go through a process of peer code review and automated testing. The automated testing is done on OpenStack instances provided to the OpenStack project by companies participating in the OpenStack community. These instances get added to Nodepool which is a pool from which our automated systems can draw from to run tests.

The OpenStack Infrastructure Team's Infra Cloud project's mission is to take this one step further and become a provider ourselves. To this end, we aim to to turn donated raw hardware resources into expanded capacity for the OpenStack infrastructure Nodepool. To meet this goals, HPE has provided a collection of servers and data center hosting space to launch this initiative.

The four day sprint in Fort Collins aimed to take the work that a handful of engineers had been doing over the past several months and:

  1. Get the rest of the members of the team up to speed with the project itself and architecture decisions made.
  2. Work through outstanding code reviews and bugs to formally launch the Infra Cloud in a single region and successfully run a test by the end of the sprint.

The first day began with a presentation by HPE OpenStack Engineer Colleen Murphy who gave a tour of the current systems and work she and the team have done up until that point.hpe-infra-cloud-sprint.jpg

Following that introduction, the team got to work reviewing outstanding patches and working to get the Infra Cloud running in our US West region. By Wednesday afternoon we were proud to succeed in our second goal with an OpenStack test successfully running on one of our nodes. The rest of our time was spent doing performance tuning and preparing the servers for an upcoming datacenter move.

The success of this sprint was a huge milestone for our team and the Infra Cloud project.

For more details about what we worked on day to day, you can read my full event report blog post here: OpenStack infra-cloud sprint

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Elizabeth K. Joseph is a Senior Systems Software Engineer working on the OpenStack Infrastructure team.

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