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OpenStack Summit Sessions: Hands on Labs


As mentioned in a previous post, the OpenStack community is now voting on submitted talks for the upcoming Summit in Paris.  I have broken the submissions down into separate blogs to make it easier to find the available HP Helion submitted talks for your voting consideration.



Install and Operate Designate

Designate provides DNSaaS services for OpenStack.

This interactive workshop will guide attendees on how Designate can be installed with PowerDNS. For the purposes of the workshop the various designate components will be installed on a single node. Once installed it shows some of the V1 and V2 APIs for domain and record management. The workshop will conclude by using a tool like dig to retrieve the added records from the PowerDNS backend, showing a fully functional by-hand deployment.

The workshop will also cover the steps for contributing to the development of Designate.

Several of the Designate contributors will be on hand during the workshop to help attendees work through the deployment.


How to write a driver for Designate

We will show how easy it it to support a new DNS server in Designate by running through, step by step, the creation of a new driver for a currently unsupported DNS server.

We will show the step by step creation of a driver for djbdns's authoritative server, tinydns.

We will use MiniDNS, and show how easy it it to set up a zone, and then update the records via MiniDNS and AFXR (DNS Zone Transfer) requests.


Hands on Lab to Deploy, Configure and Troubleshoot OpenStack Neutron Distributed Virtual Routers

This would be a Hands on Lab session to walk you through the steps involved in deploying, configuring and troubleshooting Distributed Virtual Routers in OpenStack Neutron with OVS. 
In this session members of the OpenStack Neutron DVR team behind the DVR will walk you through 
• Multi-node installation of devstack. 
• Enable DVR support on the Cluster Controller as well as on the Agents. 
• Configure different nodes such as DVR enabled Compute Node and Service Node. 
• Deploy distributed Routers with East-West Traffic and with North-South Traffic. 
For troubleshooting purpose go over the OVS rules, namespaces and iptable rules


Neutron Debugging – Why Can’t I Ping my VM?

As a developer or cloud operator, you may have a need to troubleshoot issues within a Neutron installation.  How well do you really understand where to look and what to look for when someone reports a problem?  This session will be a workshop on how to troubleshoot Neutron issues.  Engineers from HP Public Cloud will walk you through steps you can use to answer questions like "Why can't I ping my VM?"  We'll take a deep dive through the actions Neutron performs to create a network, create a router and boot a vm and look at tools and techniques for debugging Neutron problems.



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