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OpenStack Summit Sessions: Private and Hybrid Clouds

Stephen_Spector ‎07-31-2014 01:46 PM - edited ‎10-26-2015 03:57 PM

As mentioned in a previous post, the OpenStack community is now voting on submitted talks for the upcoming Summit in Paris.  I have broken the submissions down into separate blogs to make it easier to find the available HP Helion submitted talks for your voting consideration.



Hosting Traditional Bloated Applications in an OpenStack Public Cloud

In my role as the HP Helion OpenStack U.S. Solutions Architect, I have had an opportunity to design, implement and test a substantial number of traditionally on-premesis hosted applications and deploy them into the HP Helion Public Cloud as a Proof-of-Concept for large corporations. Applications such as Gerrit, Jenkins and Zuul, that were not originally developed and written to be hosted on OpenStack IaaS or in a Public Cloud setting, can effectively be deployed there. The “Big Gray Box” that developers refer to includes a very wide variety of application services that span every area of IT and business need. 

This session provides examples of the variety of applications that have been successfully deployed and tested within the HP Helion OpenStack based Public Cloud. It also provides the “Lessons Learned” and “Best Practices” for a successful implementation related to each. The lecture will also provide a list of the traditional applications that do not fare well in a Public Cloud setting. Finally, the lecture will provide an example of a specific application suite written with Cloud in mind that was successfully deployed for Production, transitioned into a Hybrid model, and finally transitioned again into an on-premises implementation with Disaster Recovery capabilities remaining within the HP Helion Public Cloud.


OpenStack Training on Demand

In this session we will review how we established a self-paced on-demand training site to teach HP Software Products. Not only do we enable student to place orders for training materials (including videos), but they also receive direct access to a working environment so they get immediate hands-on experience with a working instance of an Orchestrated Datacenter. Our system uses HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) as the Catalog front-end, as well as the tool for bundling and managing all the aspects of courseware inventory. See how our system is an example of a true hybrid cloud deployment using HP Helion/OpenStack.


Running OpenStack at Sacle: Learnings from our experience with HP Helion Public Cloud

OpenStack is one of the fastest growing open source projects. It has great momentum and now seen as a viable alternative to proprietary cloud technologies.  


Running OpenStack at Scale -- which is essential to be a credible cloud technology -- still has significant challenges.

Join us in this talk, where we will discuss the big challenges and our learnings from our experience running OpenStack at scale to support our customers of HP Helion Public Cloud.


Inter-Cloud Resource Federation

Cloud based services are a growing business trend in the IT industry, where service providers establish a cloud and offer computing resources (Infrastructure, Platform and Software) to consumers. Consumers often require computing resources across multiple regions, to address their application needs. A single cloud provider may not be able to address such requests due to lack of presence or capability in multiple regions (Multi Regions Cloud). 

Enterprises with in-house private cloud establishments often need extra resources to scale up their computing workloads. They want to use 3rd party cloud resources temporarily to burst (Cloud Bursting) their computing workload. 

Virtual private cloud (VPC) is another concept that is gaining lots of industry attention where an enterprise wants to lease off-premise resources in bulk from 3rd party providers. In VPC mode, enterprises want to manage these off-premise computing resources independently.  
This presentation introduces the concept of Inter-Cloud Resource Federation; using this technical approach, multiple cloud entities can work in “Alliance” to solve multiple real time business use cases.

A new service called “Inter-Cloud Resource Federation” (a.k.a. Alliance) will be added to the OpenStack services stack. This service will be responsible for interconnecting multiple cloud instances and provide an abstraction layer to hide interoperability and integration complexities from the cloud provider and end users. The “Alliance” service will bind multiple cloud entities to work in synchronization to solve (including, but not limited) to the above mentioned business use cases. 

In this presentation, we want to discuss the merits of Inter-Cloud Resource Federation and to gather community’s feedback on “Alliance” service proposal.

The wiki link below has blueprint which explains the solution’s approach and design considerations in detail.






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