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Prepare your shift from servers to services


Written by Nimish Shelat, Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management


Servers-to-services1.pngEnterprises no longer need to rely solely on IT to enable their business processes, not with a myriad of cloud services out there to supplement. IT organizations are being forced to see the bigger picture of how they align, and this shift is bound to impact roles in IT organizations.


The good news is that if you’re able to change with the times and embrace the service-centric model based on IT process automation and operations orchestration, you can provide greater value to the business. Here are some quick thoughts on how you can get ready.


Serve the business

The core competency of IT should always be delivering services that enable the business to meet its goals. Now more than ever, IT professionals must understand the context of overall organizational goals and the business architecture, because these guide key technology decisions. Instead of managing a landscape of applications within the firewall, you will now support a cloudscape of services. Having a clear picture of the business and its ecosystem of partners will help you identify the applications that are most effective in a conventional in-house data center versus services that should be moved to the cloud.


New roles for a new style of IT

The scale and complexity of these cloudscapes will require investments in IT process automation and operations orchestration to help fulfill services in an effective and efficient way. For IT professionals, this presents the opportunity to spend less time manually performing routine maintenance and remediation tasks and more time on strategic initiatives.


But even in a service-centric world, IT is still ultimately accountable for security, as well as overall application functionality and performance. Administrators now need to be proficient in the entire stack that delivers the cloud service — from virtualized servers to storage, networking, databases, middleware and applications.


IT administrators need to get out of the business of updating servers and patching databases on a full-time basis. Organization can’t afford for you to devote the bulk of your time to routine maintenance. Instead, embrace the chance to cultivate new skill sets and focus on higher-value activities that are aligned with business goals.


Learn more about IT process automation and operations orchestration


Automation and orchestration will power application lifecycle management, remediation and service fulfillment. Check out the HP Toolkit for IT Orchestration to see just how big the benefits can be, and where to begin your journey to service-centric IT:



  • See how orchestration helps you maximize the advantages of the cloud
  • Explore the business advantages of orchestration with an infographic that shows how orchestration is delivering 75% efficiency gains with scale from 1-100K+ servers
  • Read real-world case-studies about the staggering benefits HP customers have achieved

Download the toolkit here.


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