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Prove your genius - leverage the Community Edition downloads

collinchau on ‎06-05-2014 11:16 PM ‎01-11-2017 09:17 AM kimlock

Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales


promotion.jpgCan you “earn” a promotion by leveraging the Community Edition of software? I know this seems like a ridiculous notion, but let me paint you a picture of what is possible when a Community Edition is an enterprise edition.  Find out why I stand by the notion that the Community Edition of Operations Orchestration will be a possible reason for a promotion.


First let’s set the stage for my confidence that this will help you, and then discuss how to go about executing a focused and strategic game plan to get you that promotion. 



Organizations and leaders have always valued two things:

  • First, they value people and individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty consistently while continuing to execute their daily tasks. 
  • Second, (and more importantly) leaders value solutions and answers.  What I mean by that is everyone is good at calling out problems but very few people go to the next step of proposing solutions.

As a leader, problem identification is not hard because you are on the front line to hear about all kinds of problems.  What is hard is filter the noise from the real issues and then setting out to resolve the correct problems.  Think about this for a minute.  If you could find, document and resolve a real world problem for your boss, your department or your company would people actually pay attention?  The answer is a big and resounding Yes!


Again remember the key is to identify a real problem and a real resolution to a real problem at your organization.  Do that enough times and you are destined for a promotion as companies want to promote people that resolve problems instead of those that just sit back and perform problem identification.



Why is the “Community Edition” of Operations Orchestration the Answer?

The Community Edition of Operation Orchestration empowers you to be a leader in problem identification and resolution. It empowers and supports two key lifecycles that every organization has and frankly can do a better job at: Event Remediation and Incident Remediation


Every client has some type of monitoring or event engine. Most of these have daily or weekly event storms because it is tough for them to digest the real issue from the noise.  Assuming you or someone you can work with is in this area, you probably already know the Run Book or documented process to resolve some standard events that trigger busy work. 


If that is true then you have the key to a promotion.  Simply leverage the Community Edition of Operation Orchestration to configure and automate the existing Run Book process to fix common events. Then sit back and realize that you are saving time, adding value and providing resolution and not just identifying problems.


The other lifecycle you could improve with Operations Orchestration Community Edition is Incident Remediation.  Like the prior example in this lifecycle, you are looking to take known or documented process and automate them for common incidents. The more you know about the common incidents, the more value you will create for the organization. I encourage you to partner with someone in the organization and get busy showing leadership that you mean business and can add a lot of value to the organization.


Think about the power you would have if you were the leader inside the organization that tackled both of these lifecycles? That would be tremendous and hard to ignore because these are two common lifecycles every company has and every company can do a better job of running automated remediation.


The first step to your promotion is to  download the Community Edition here.  Get started today, and learn why Operations Orchestration is the start of your journey to Orchestrated Datacenter 



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