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Q&A with OCSL on State of Cloud Computing in Europe


I sat down with Oliver Hawkins, Technology Strategist (@ollyhawkeye) from OCSL to discuss the cloud computing market in Europe.

  • How is cloud computing perceived in Europe?

The UK is one of the leading nations in Europe with 84% of organizations taking up cloud adoption. In the UK market the majority of organizations have cloud within their IT strategy however, the figures suggest that for line of business applications this is mainly private cloud and on premise solutions. Most public cloud is consumed as SaaS or disaster recovery and this market is growing.

  • What are the challenges for organizations in Europe with respect to cloud?

The top challenges are security and data compliance as these seem to be the consistent concerns across all market verticals. The main challenge on the horizon is the new EU regulation which will be coming into play soon around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Whilst this is not well publicised or understood across Europe the majority of cloud adoption in Europe appears to be in country.

  • What are the concerns for organizations adopting public cloud?

The main concerns for organizations are service level agreements and cost transparency and control. In our experience organizations require most assistance and guidance with their route to the cloud. Contrary to public cloud providers, managed cloud service providers pull together the solutions needed while taking the businesses needs into consideration. They then give the advice needed in to order successfully migrate customers to the cloud.  Another large consideration for organizations is that they would like the same costs as the public cloud but require the data governance and control of the private cloud.

  • Are there any cloud requirements unique to Europe?

Due to the abolition of the safe harbour agreement and the pending introduction of GDPR many organisations will need to rethink their Public cloud or MSP provided cloud solutions. These legislations will affect the way organizations keep and transfer data in the EU meaning that in country or compliant solutions will be more important

Senior Manager, Cloud Online Marketing
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I manage the HPE Helion social media and website teams promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds. I was previously at Dell promoting their Cloud solutions and was the open source community manager for OpenStack and at Rackspace and Citrix Systems. While at Citrix Systems, I founded the Citrix Developer Network, developed global alliance and licensing programs, and even once added audio to the DOS ICA client with assembler. Follow me at @SpectorID

David H Deans

The abolition of the safe harbour agreement and the pending introduction of GDPR is a very interesting recent development. In the past, American and European organizations had a relatively uncomplicated arrangement. Now, it's unclear what the future will hold -- but one thing is certain, multinational cloud service providers are going to need more legal guidance.



Excellent point on the safe harbour agreement and we have more blogs coming that focus more detaisl on that topic. 

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