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Ready, fire, aim: When is the right time to think about Application Performance Management?


Enterprises have been quick to target the Cloud in the last several years as a reasonable, even wise, approach to delivering greater efficiency, performance, and innovation to the business. This rush to the Cloud however has too often left Application Performance Management as an afterthought.  IT has often focused elsewhere in the rush to keep pace with the demands of the organization for better, faster and cheaper ways to deliver IT services. Too often, APM is considered only after the ‘big thinking’ – applications, infrastructure and implementation — are at or near completion.


Until recently, IT has been hesitant to jump to cloud—due to the perception that they would lose control and visibility to end-user experiences. So it is that much more puzzling as to why APM has not generally been core to planning at the outset. Instead there is typically a lack of forethought regarding application performance management early in the planning stages of cloud or even hybrid deployments.


See your target  to hit your target


You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and you can't hit a target you cannot see, so the increasing uptake of cloud computing and the concern over visibility and control makes an integrated and proactive APM strategy more critical than ever. APM provides increased transparency and visibility into a variety of environments—and not just in the cloud.


Hybrid environments require consistent metrics and benchmarks across various applications and deployments, APM easily allows for this level of monitoring. These metrics are vital to isolate application issues from network performance issues and gain a better understanding of performance issues across IT services. They also provide greater visibility to performance against established SLAs – as well as the impact on the end-user experience. 


To assure trust and compliance in cloud deployments, both within the IT organization and between IT and the rest of the enterprise, integrate APM into the earliest planning stages of these rollouts. If your target is using the Cloud to take full advantage of the increased efficiency, productivity and cost savings it provides, then introducing APM, particularly SaaS-based HP Performance Anywhere, will assuage many of the fears and biases regarding Cloud computing and make sure you remain on target. To see if HP Performance Anywhere can help meet your targets for growth, performance and end-user experience, try it free for thirty days!

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Jim is a technology marketer with over two decades experience in product launch, branding, and product marketing

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