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START small, grow tall in the cloud: Toronto cloud roadshow summary

Chris Purcell

If you have been following me on Twitter, you will have noticed that I did make it through the airport transfers, arriving safely in Toronto on Monday evening. Although the weather was cold and overcast, it did not dampen my spirits for being up in Canada to attend the HP Cloud Computing Roadshow.


I started this morning at 7.00 am, making last minute changes and meeting the other bloggers on what we wanted to cover throughout the day. The event was full of cool activities - the first one being how impressive the exhibit floor looked. It gave the appearance of a mini HP Discover show – which provides customers with a very comprehensive view of what HP is offering in the cloud all under one roof.


As the day progressed, it was clear that the audience viewed cloud as the hottest thing in computing today, and they are actively seeking ways to adopt it. Most people at the event realized that cloud computing holds the promise of curing today’s “data center sprawl,” with its colossal complexity, considerable costs, and substantial capital investment. Service providers see the cloud as a catalyst for revenue growth. Executives and leaders look forward to the day when information technology will be delivered as a pure service throughout the organization, metered, ubiquitous, and available on demand much like electricity or water. Okay I maybe sounding like I drank “too much of the juice”, but the day was extremely informative.


Clearly the cloud isn’t yet so mature or capable that it’s ready to replace all traditional IT. And companies still face a number of obstacles to cloud adoption. Among them: differences between business and IT executives about the pace of adoption; differing stages of maturity within the cloud adoption continuum; and the need to avoid compromising cloud’s benefits with scattershot, uncoordinated adoption.


I am hopefully that the HP Master the cloud roadshow provided some useful insights from considering the cloud, to exploring the benefits of what life in the cloud really brings can deliver to business. All in all, I think today equaled a very comprehensive day from the 2 keynotes to the 12 breakout session to the comprehensive exhibit floor.


Don’t forget that there are still 2 event HP Master the Cloud roadshow

  • Vancouver – Feb 7
  • Calgary – Feb

Please keep these locations in mind, as they will prove to be a great opportunity to help you understand different aspects of the cloud. If you can attend, you can register quickly at this link. If you cannot attend, please keep in mind you can follow the buzz online!!




For more information on HP CloudSystem visit

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