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Service providers: Fuel for your business growth


Howard, Derek.PNGGuest post by Derek Howard, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing Manager, HP Enterprise Group


As a service provider, you have to be ready to move fast when customers look to you for the latest and greatest services. If that means you need to upgrade to new technology to do it, you better be prepared to move fast there, too. Your business growth depends on it – because if you can’t deliver, your customers are going to find someone else who can.


But keeping up isn’t easy. Laying out capital to make significant investments to upgrade right now, when you won’t see revenue from those changes for a while is a major challenge you face.


Whether you’re just starting out, upgrading an aging infrastructure, or migrating away from a provider to build your own cloud, you need a technology partner who understands your challenges and is willing to help. Our latest video takes a look at how you can beat these obstacles.


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HP can help you keep up by providing the technology solutions that will ensure you’re keeping pace with customer demands, as well as the flexible investment solutions you need to keep current as technology evolves. We offer a variety of solutions to help bypass the unique challenges you face as a service provider.


HP Service Provider Growth Suite

Flexible investment solutions to support your strategy and help your business grow.


HP Accelerated Migration program

Ready to migrate to new technology? This program enables you to convert the IT assets you already own into cash so you can invest in the technology needed to develop new services. HP purchases your existing assets and leases them back to you, providing an immediate infusion of capital. You can then continue to use your current technology without disruption, and make the transition on your own schedule.


HP Tech Refresh for compute

Take advantage of what is new in the market without getting bogged down with capital investment. HP Tech Refresh creates flexibility with options to refresh, trade in or have dual usage of old and new technology while you transform your data center.


HP Pre-Provisioning solution

The idea behind pre-provisioning is to plan ahead without paying ahead. Your customers’ needs can be unpredictable and you may need to scale up within a moment’s notice. This solution gets you the technology upfront – shipped, configured, and ready on your site – but you don’t have to pay for it until you actually activate it.


HP Flexible Capacity

Overinvesting in capacity is always a risk when you want to be prepared for rapid growth, but you can’t predict when that growth will come. HP Flexible Capacity enables you to consume your infrastructure the way your customers consume your services. You can pay as-you-grow by paying only for the capacity you actually use, nothing more and nothing less.


Technology is changing fast – but not as fast as your customers’ needs. If you’re finding it harder and harder to keep up, power ahead with HP. Learn more.


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