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Suresh Babu.PNGGuest post by Suresh Babu, Vice President, AMS Service Providers, Enterprise Group

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” These words often make me wonder what he would have thought of the breakneck pace of technology today—especially cloud services. Although it’s now considered a mainstream technology, cloud services continue to rapidly evolve, creating numerous challenges and opportunities for cloud service providers. More and more, I see customers moving to leverage a hybrid model, especially from three non-core areas: application hosting, managed services, and data security services. And the pressure is on for service providers to offer new and expanded value-added services.

All the while, the service provider marketplace remains highly competitive due to factors like market consolidation, customer dynamics, and a relentless march toward Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) commoditization. To succeed and differentiate themselves, service providers must respond quickly.

In pursuit of this goal, many of the cloud service providers that I come across are looking for a partner that has the business and technical resources to maximize existing customer relationships while tapping into new channel ecosystems and customer bases. These providers are generally seeking to address IT business demands such as availability, scalability, security, disaster recovery, monitoring, and interface integration. It’s a tall order, but one that’s necessary if a cloud service provider is going to take advantage of cloud opportunities—particularly those related to an enhanced customer experience.

A cloud services technology partner should also help providers leverage new technologies and existing IT infrastructure to empower their customers in four key areas:

  • Transforming to a hybrid infrastructure for greater flexibility and agility while preventing any disruption to their legacy systems
  • Empowering organizations with data to give them the business insights they need to anticipate risk and opportunity in their markets
  • Enabling workforce productivity by delivering the right tools, at the right economics, designed specifically for business-critical tasks
  • Protecting infrastructure and data to stay ahead of risk

This is where Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider Ready solutions come in. Built for service providers’ “as-a-Service” business models, these robust and innovative solutions are ready to run. They help speed development of services while enabling providers to meet their customers’ service-level agreements and security requirements. Providers also benefit from HPE’s flexible business models, broad solutions portfolio, and service provider partner programs that provide marketing, sales, and technical support.

To learn more about these resources and HPE Service Provider Ready solutions designed for your business, check out Enhancing cloud business opportunities white paper today.

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