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Simplify scale without the complexity


Guest post by Derek Howard, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing Manager, HP Enterprise Group


Derek_Howard.jpgOne of the biggest challenges I hear about from service providers who are scaling up services is how to keep infrastructure costs and complexity from scaling up with them. This is especially true if you’re delivering web services or web hosting. As your business grows in these workload-intensive areas, how are you going to support the increasing demand on your data center infrastructure?


You need servers that are specifically engineered to handle the growing demand for web services, web hosting, and other unpredictable workloads – and those that can do it with less complexity, in less space, using less power. A tough request – but we’re up to the task. Check out our latest video on how it’s done.



Breakthrough web infrastructure technology


Talking with several service providers, I hear that they really like HP Moonshot application-specific servers because they are loaded with everything that service providers need – built in from the start. Things like workload-optimized HP ProLiant server cartridges that are fine tuned for customers’ specific needs. Whether they’re web services, web hosting, or web caching, there’s an optimized solution built just for each environment. How? Take a look at the line-up:  


  • HP Moonshot with the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge for web services and delivers a complete web infrastructure solution in a box. Three web tiers layered across multiple cartridges in a single chassis make it possible to run a diverse stack of web technology on one server platform.
  • HP Moonshot with the HP ProLiant m350 Server Cartridge is optimized for web hosting – eight cores per server and up to 180 servers per system – in a high-density package.
  • HP Moonshot with the HP ProLiant m400 Server Cartridge provides web caching to scale out web services without compromising the user experience. It’s engineered with 64-bit ARM processors that offer twice the memory of comparable servers for dramatic performance gains in memory bandwidth and server productivity.

 Because each HP Moonshot solution deploys an architecture that’s tailored to one particular type of workload, it eliminates inefficiencies in density, energy, and cost that would otherwise challenge your ability to keep up with growth.


Dense form factor for lower power and space requirements

Another feature that service providers tell me they like is that HP Moonshot systems incorporate an energy-efficient system-on-a-chip (SoC) design and a shared infrastructure that spreads the burden of management, power, cooling, networking, and across multiple server cartridges. And it all fits in a compact 4.3U form factor. As a result, you get lower power consumption and flexible scale-out in a lot less space and with less cabling. Compared to traditional servers, HP Moonshot systems minimize resource requirements up to:

  • 65% less power
  • 90% less space
  • 98% less cabling

 Don’t let infrastructure demands undermine your ability to grow. Consider a solution that’s revolutionizing the economics of IT for service providers: HP Moonshot. Learn more.




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