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Six keys to delivering infrastructure in minutes with private cloud IaaS (video)



Business needs are driving IT process innovation as IT must help the business respond faster to growing market opportunities and competitive pressures. IT needs to re-tool infrastructure provisioning processes to deliver at the new speed of business. Cloud infrastructure can help IT meet needs for increased app releases, improved satisfaction with app and infrastructure responsiveness, and reduced time to market for new services. Re-tooling to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with private cloud solutions can mean big reductions in both time to market and overall costs for developing, supporting and delivering new customer facing services and apps that help the business compete.


How do you make sure your private cloud will provide the capabilities and flexibility you need to meet IaaS demand for development, test, production and even some business-critical workloads in a protected environment? Watch this short video for a look at six key capabilities and how they work to ensure your cloud infrastructure will meet all its objectives for both IT and the business for rapid infrastructure provisioning.

Companies that have deployed a private cloud using these six capabilities have seen significant benefits you can put to work for your business such as accelerating infrastructure deployment by up to 93 percent like Server Cloud Canada, delivering infrastructure in minutes rather than weeks or months, and reducing costs by up to 30 percent like NICS.


You can leverage Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion portfolio leadership in private cloud computing to help you get started implementing these capabilities with solutions like HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 that speed and simplify deployment of all these capabilities in an end-to-end hardware and software solution designed to unify and power your hybrid infrastructure. Helion CloudSystem goes beyond just automated self-service access to infrastructure services for development, test and production.  It provides the expanded support for provisioning across a broad range of popular hypervisors, new containers and physical servers that enable you to turn a heterogeneous data center infrastructure into an agile, cloud-based IaaS.


You can also leverage the new Helion Cloud Suite on your choice of infrastructure which goes just beyond hybrid cloud management. It enables you to provision and manage your infrastructure and app workloads wherever they fit best in any cloud or traditional environment utilizing the full spectrum of cloud technologies. 


Recommended Resources:

Read the latest report from Gartner on how to achieve the full benefits from IaaS and your private cloud, beyond just basic infrastructure provisioning, to provide the enhanced services your development community needs from your cloud infrastructure.


For more information and resources on enabling and simplifying IaaS for your organization, explore the rapid infrastructure provisioning use case site.

About the Author


Deborah Martin is a cloud enthusiast with over 7 years in creating cloud solutions for multiple industries and business needs. She is part of the HPE Helion team that works to promote and educate on solutions for key business use cases for cloud computing

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