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Six reasons to sign up for HP Converged Cloud Workshop, while attending VMworld 2012

Chris Purcell

I think VMworld is one of the top "must attend" technology shows in the US. I remember attending about 4 years ago and started to see the promise of cloud computing creeping into several of the keynotes at the show. Now, only 4 years later, the cloud is well entrenched within a lot of businesses and with many more companies looking to make the transition. This can be a very challenging chasm to cross and so ensuring you have the right set of plans suited to your business is key.


If your travels take you to VMworld this year and you have interest in building out your cloud plan, you might want to consider attending an HP Converged Cloud Workshop – Tuesday, Aug 28th, 3-5pm.  During this session, you will gain clarity on the right strategy, identify the cloud initiatives, explore future and current state, capability gaps and create a tactical plan across people, process and technology. 


Using highly informative visual displays, the senior HP consultants on site will share their experience with you in a very interactive session, with the goal to facilitate a faster start to the Cloud through cross-team collaboration and best practice sharing. 


Oh and before I forget, the 6 reasons why you need to attend this session are:

  • Prioritize “cloud” related projects that are strategic, transformational, and promising for gaining ROI/business value quickly
  • Realize the benefits, scope, scale, and all
  • Critical success factors for adopting the cloud or becoming a cloud service provider
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in and give traction to any existing cloud initiative
  • Draw on best practices around data centers, IT infrastructure, applications, and service management/delivery
  • Understand the current situation as well as future aspirations clearly, and define a suitable roadmap
  • Take an holistic approach to cloud services/ computing—including technology, process, people, and governance


When:  Tuesday, Aug 28th, 3-5pm. 

Please RSVP by emailing


I hope you consider attending, as I think you will find it this session well worth your while.




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Chris Purcell

Converged Susyems, Composable Infrastructure, Cloud, Integrated Management and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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