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Sons of the Silent Age


Sons of the Silent Age

The inspiration for this keynote at came from Lyndon B Johnson: “If future generations are going to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology.  We must also leave them with a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it.”

Corruption makes the world poorer and less equal. The key theme at this week was around the impacts and risks of technology towards making our lives – and the lives of future generations – better.

Thanks to cloud computing and a networked world, we can now enter a Silent Age led by a growing community of sons and daughters that rarely know each other and interact mainly virtually, yet work together to deliver a better world. This community effect is rising in so many ways. My keynote – Sons of the Silent Age – is available here. Here are a few key takeaways:

Silent Warriors of the Silent AgeSilent Warriors of the Silent AgeModern security is hacker powered by Silent Warriors. In 2005, HPE launched the Zero Day Initiative, a bug bounty program that has compensated independent researchers for submitting their findings. A broad group of professional hackers now are courted by startups, such as HackerOne. It turns out this Neighborhood Watch like program really works. According to HackerOne, Uber actually now has a loyalty program for hackers and even quoted an Uber engineer as saying “the way we thought about the bonus program was like bowling a couple of strikes in row—you add more on top of the previous amount.” Now, the DoD is getting in to the game, launching the Hack the Pentagon bug bounty pilot. These silent warriors probing and penetrating our digital world, may be our best way to protect it.

Silent Coders of the Silent AgeSilent Coders of the Silent AgeEvery business will be a software business – built by Silent Coders. A CIO of a major US airline said that they are no longer an airline, but a software company with wings. For decades, companies have built software in isolation, believing that they can best control the innovation, and control and benefit from the profits. But, it is clear, and HPE is all-in here, that open source software – such as Chef, Docker, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry – provide customers the best path to better and more secure software. Open Source delivery transparency allowing you to deploy confidently knowing that intentional backdoors, debug code, etc., are not included. Silent Coders provide a “many eyes” virtuous cycle benefit that cannot be ignored.

Silent Contributors of the Silent AgeSilent Contributors of the Silent AgeArmies of Silent Contributors make the World better educated and a safer place. Charities of the past gave you some degree of confidence of how your money will be spent – less overhead and administrative costs. But, now your money can 100% impact a rural community, conflict zone, or a startup directly. My favorite example is Kiva, a micro-loan community. Last year and this year, HPE gave every employee a $25 gift card to fuel employees as silent contributors. This is a terrific investment and an addictive one too, because as it’s a loan, you can use it over and over!

Silent Moments Captured in the Silent AgeSilent Moments Captured in the Silent AgeExplosive growth in Silent Moments enhance tomorrow’s ability to benefit from yesterday. Whether it’s capturing areas of a war-torn city to delivering the full experience of your son or daughter's soccer game, a connected world enabled by the Internet of Things, will give the future a view of the past like never before. This digital mesh of technology and people will also bring the virtual and physical worlds together to deliver real and engaging experiences.

Through a combination of Silent Warriors, Silent Coders, Silent Contributors and Silent Moments, new technologies and communities not tied to a single institution or government but bound by a common cause, are working together, exposing the corrupt, outrunning the increasingly isolated, and making a difference.


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