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Stories from the field: How one bank deepens customer engagement with cloud computing


bank2.jpgA big part of my job that I really enjoy is going out and meeting with customers, and listening to how they’re using cloud computing to realize business goals. Increasingly, I’m meeting with not only members of the IT team but with business leaders—CEOs and lines of business heads. And they’re telling me how technology is playing a central role in their business plans. I recently met a CEO of a European financial institution that is planning to use cloud computing to spark revenue growth. I found the bank’s story inspiring and I’d love to share it with you here.


This customer is looking to build out new services and enhance existing offerings, including mobile payments, e-invoicing, cross-country money transfers, and electronic signature. Cloud computing will enable the company to expand its business by:


  • Introducing new services for customers
  • Upgrading existing services
  • Deepening engagement with customers


Quickly deliver new solutions


One of the company’s goals is to become a part of a single payer system, delivering more value to its customers. The Electronic Budget Payments Systems (SERBA) is an ongoing initiative to establish a single payment system across the European Union. It provides financial companies a way to monitor, manage, and service payments. End users would be able to make purchases and pay the same way electronically in all participating countries.


Cloud computing will help the company facilitate and provide this new service in a number of ways. By using cloud for a development and testing environment, the company can respond to business pressures in a more agile manner, quickly spinning up resources to develop, test, and deploy new services and release them to the market.


Rather than taking months to upgrade applications, the cloud will enable the company to scale up and scale out resources, continuously delivering incremental updates that are necessary to remain competitive, especially on mobile platforms.



Store data in the cloud for maximum flexibility


Because cloud computing lets you move and aggregate data into a central place, the financial company can use cloud to facilitate transactions in multiple countries and across different geographic locations. A cloud-enabled infrastructure allows it to more freely exchange information and connect to other systems, because the application is abstracted from the infrastructure itself.


How does this help with a single payment system across Europe? Different banks have different data services and different technologies. Without cloud computing, it would be difficult to connect one bank using X technology to another bank using Y system. By decoupling the applications from the underlying infrastructure, the applications can be instrumented to exchange data more flexibly without hardware or infrastructure constraints.


So what does this all mean for the bank and its customers? For customers, it means they can use any portal or device to access the single payer system, as well as interact with different applications across SERBA. For the bank, it means it can deepen its engagement with customers because customers can use devices with different form factors to interact with it.



Upgrading existing services


Cloud computing also makes it possible for the financial company to improve existing services. Part of the company’s business involves issuing invoices on behalf of clients and collecting payments for clients who lack their own procurement and invoicing system. Cloud computing lets the company spin up resources as needed to meet fluctuating demand and rely on OpEx rather than CapEx to fund those services.


The financial company can leverage cloud to make other services more cost-effective, such as managing transfers and providing electronic signatures. By offering mobile cash-management services such as person-to-person payments, the company can grow its user base by making services more convenient and accessible while reining in CapEx to fund those services.


To learn how a trusted partner can help your enterprise develop an innovative use for cloud, please visit

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