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Testing Cloud at HP Discover


Testing Cloud at HP Discover


Testing Cloud at HP Discover


Next week at HP Discover promises to be an exciting week—possibly one of the best educational experiences your organization has ever experienced. Our experts and panels will be engaging and have you thinking of new ways to enhance cloud in your infrastructure.


One of the sessions I am most excited about is “Performance testing from the cloud—at a price you can afford” (TB2320). This 45-min presentation is a deep dive into performance testing and cloud.

Your test system has met all performance requirements, but now your executive team wants external metrics on production hardware before you go-live. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars to work with a third-party vendor for a few hours of external load tests, or run equivalent tests from the public cloud with the money you have in your budget right now.


Or you could attend this technical breakout session and learn how to save your company thousands of dollars. Learn how to respond to calls for high-capacity external load tests quickly and effectively. The presenter, Tom Kleingarn, performance engineer with Digital River will cover the reasons cloud-based testing is attractive and the common challenges involved. Then he will move on to practical examples of implementing a cloud-based testing infrastructure on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform, with examples for the configuration of Windows and Linux virtual machines.

The session will end with a demonstration of how extensible and cost effective a cloud testing infrastructure can be. You’ll come away knowing when external tests are applicable, and how you can avoid common pitfalls and confidently test from the cloud.

This session promises to be insightful.


Be sure to attend “Performance testing from the cloud—at a price you can afford” (TB2320).

The session is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Wed. June 6. 

"Business is like chess: to be succesful, you must anticipate several moves in advance." William S. Sahlman
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