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The Impact of your network on Cloud adoption


Author: Deepak Munjal, HP Networking Strategist 


There is a prediction that with the adoption of increased virtualization and the adoption of cloud technologies, traffic flow between servers will increase by an order of magnitude. These new traffic patterns will appear arbitrary and even chaotic with fluctuations that can be 90-times higher than the peaks experienced by most data centers today.


The expansion of virtualization and increased use of cloud computing has changed traffic patterns in the data center network. Instead of predominately traveling in the traditional client-to-server pattern (known as north/south), significant levels of traffic now travel from server-to-server (known as east/west).


These multi-tenant environments can create security complexity for your network. If the proper guards aren’t installed, access may be granted to inappropriate individuals or applications. This leaves holes in your environment. Make sure your boundaries, both internal and external are secure.


If your data center network isn’t properly equipped for this change, outages may result.  Discover how vital an optimized network fabric and infrastructure is to your journey to the cloud during the “Building Cloud Optimized Data Center Network” presentation at the Pathways to the Cloud roadshow.


At the Pathways to Cloud Roadshow 2012 sponsored by HP and Intel®, you will learn how HP experts can help your organization establish a new cloud infrastructure. Or, if you already utilize cloud capabilities, they will show you how to best evolve your current system to meet your current and future needs.


The “Building Cloud Optimized Data Center Network” presentation will enlighten participants on the impact cloud is having on traditional networks. These impacts go beyond an increase in traffic levels. Cloud adoption has also increased security threats and resource sharing.  This presentation on day 2, will help your enterprise better understand how a proper networking infrastructure will protect you from threats and prepare you to take advantage of opportunity.


It is predicted that the coming decade could see 25 million applications, 4 billion people online, 31 billion connected devices, 1.3 trillion sensors delivering 50 trillion GB of data.  This level and type of connectivity will build new industries that deliver real-time, immediate services.  Are you poised to jump when opportunity knocks at your door?


HP Pathways to Cloud roadshow is touring the U.S. and Canada from March 6- May 1. The roadshow will help you explore and understand the key elements involved on the path to cloud.  The 15-city roadshow begins in Houston, and continues with stops in Seattle, Boston, Orange County, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco.


Register for a roadshow event near you or get more information.

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