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The last thing that enterprises want is the cloud to reintroduce silos into their IT

Chris Purcell ‎07-16-2012 06:42 AM - edited ‎10-26-2015 09:32 PM

Business’ are now demanding a lot from their clouds. They want a solution that doesn't lock them into single vendors or single delivery models. For example, they want the flexibility to be able to develop applications in the public cloud and bring them back into private clouds when the applications are in full production. They also want the flexibility to be able to burst applications and workloads to public or hybrid clouds during peak transaction times.


If you have been keeping up with the recent cloud news you may have heard about the HP Converged Cloud, which combines industry standards-based server, storage and networking solutions with HP services. That means you can now easily move cloud workloads between HP private clouds and hybrid clouds and to a number of public cloud services, including HP Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services or Savvis.


This is illustrated by blogger Philip Sellers of TechTalk that highlights HP’s differentiators in his recent blog: “HP is a great resource to learn from in the marketplace because they are uniquely positioned with a full portfolio of hardware, software and services to enable the private, public or hybrid cloud for customers. HP is taking an open approach to cloud and enabling customers to outsource or grow from a private cloud to a large list of public cloud providers, as well as managing clouds which may be composed of several different external providers or several different hypervisors internally.”


Also, another blogger and Discover  2012 attendee, Martin MacLeod writes: “Cloud is real, it’s here to stay and is increasingly becoming the norm for many customers including as we discovered at HP Discover, DreamWorks; the key then is to establish how you can leverage cloud to deliver for your business, on agility, on price, on performance and on availability.


HP Converged Cloud has a number of differentiators, including the breadth and depth of HP solutions, and HP’s focus on the technologies and issues that really matter to customers.


To learn more about HP Converged Cloud:




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