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The unexpected joy of shock treatment and the cloud experience


Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something that you initially resisted? When this happens, you may find yourself slowly becoming a fan of something that for the first 15 mins you doubted then you forget your skepticism? 

I experienced this familiar shock treatment recently when I went to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. It was an excellent movie. When the film first began, I kept staring at the screen and was feeling perplexed with whether or not I liked what I was looking at. The movie was shown in several options: 2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D and High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D. I watched the HFR 3D version.  


The hobbit Desolation of Smaug.jpgAt first, I asked myself why this movie seemed different to me. It literally looked like I was a part of the set. The vivid color, realness of each character down to every detail of their faces and overall cinematography made the experience a brand new movie watching experience. While this was good, I was distracted by the change. As an avid movie goer, I had to get used to the new view. After the introduction, I was sold and began to get maximum value and enjoyment out of my movie night with the innovative HFR 3D technology viewing experience.   


I recently read a Gartner article (May 2013) that describes the need for CIO’s to get maximum value. To do this they will need to seek and embrace innovation. My experience watching the HFR 3D movie made me think of how we can have a mild resistance to change. We face change in different scenarios and this change can be a beneficial discovery that changes your experience for the better. As CIO’s and executive leaders are making decisions about your enterprise future, you have to be aware of your options and plan and invest in the right technology journey for your business. As forward thinkers, we need to ensure our success by partnering with trusted brokers. 


A Gartner (June 2013) article describes how “Cloud computing is taking multi-sourcing to a new, more dynamic level, changing the mission and operational model for IT and I&O in particular. Being a competitive IT provider isn’t good enough — the new core competency is being the trusted broker for services delivered from many, changing providers.”


I share this story to make a connection to how IT decision makers may struggle with embracing new technologies. It may initially sound like a solution that is too different and you may not buy into what industry trends are predicting in terms of how stakeholders expect to access and  receive the benefits of their enterprise.


HP Cloud is a trusted partner who can help you make IT decisions with choice, confidence and consistency.  I encourage you to explore your options. Here is a video where Ramon Baez, HP Senior VP & Global CIO shares his insights on why HP uses it cloud solutions. 


Are you ready to take the next step in understanding what your cloud match is? Find out which deployment model is right for moving your app dev and test environment to the cloud at our cloud assessment hompage.


Have you experienced a shock treatment situation within your organization? Were you happily surprised that your initial response was incorrect? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. I always love to hear from others about their experiences or you can email me at


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Ortega Pittman
HP Worldwide Marketing
Accelerating Innovation &Thought Leadership with HP Helion
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Ortega has been working for HP for 7 years across their Global Marketing organization. "Tega" is an HP Cloud Senior Marketing leader accelerating messaging around HP Cloud Solutions. Her professional passions range from but are not limited to: globalized messaging on cloud solutions, learning from, interacting with, & influencing enterprise executives in their IT & business model investment strategies. Tega enjoys sharing her social media voice, global network experience, and innovative thoughts. In addition, she keeps her followers connected on world events, industry trends, & global demands that impact the need for technology solutions. Her professional passion stems in outreach to decision makers from startups to enterprise who want to change the world. Tega offers inspiration to her followers that they embrace becoming or comtinue to expand as "forward thinkers". Let's do this! Your enterprise is counting on you.

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