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There’s no one-size-fits-all cloud, but OCSL has ‘everything’ to make it seamless


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Every customer is different–big enterprises, small businesses, non-profits with enterprise-level needs–but every one of these customers need IT solutions that enable them to cost effectively meet their specific market demands.

Cloud is the solution that is on everyone’s mind, but everyone has a different understanding as to what it means for their organization, according to Iain Mobberley, technology director of OCSL.

An IT solutions provider based in the UK, OCSL helps companies through their transformation process with cloud computing, and helps them redefine what they are doing with their IT systems with the goal of delivering business benefits—inside and outside their organizations.

Calling its approach cloud leadership, OCSL brings together its integration skills and its customers’ IT needs, and builds a complete, seamless solution with Hewlett Packard Enterprise technology.

“The broad portfolio that Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings to us means that we can now break out of the data center,” Mobberley said. “We look at that, and we see that in the four strategy areas that HPE is bringing to the market now. It’s mobility, it’s security, it’s digital, it gives us such a rich offering to our customers. We have everything.”


The power of a 20-year partnership

Growth, efficiency, transformation—key principles OCSL is delivering to its customers as a longtime HPE Platinum Partner. From the start of the relationship with its customers, OCSL goes into an IT strategy conversation with expertise and a broad offering backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and its portfolio of HPE Helion cloud products and services.

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Having evolved with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in its 20-year partnership, OCSL continues to leverage its depth of knowledge to work with its customers as their trusted IT partner.

“I look back over the last 12 months and how Hewlett Packard Enterprise has transformed, we find ourselves having to do that, as well,” Mobberley reflected. “And we’re looking to tomorrow’s business today with OCSL in partnership with HPE and our customers.”

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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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