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Through the eyes of the partner: HPE is more than just a cloud provider


I attended HPE Discover, our annual conference, to talk to partners about changes in customers buying patterns and importance of transitioning their business from a traditional technology resell model to one that includes more services.   In general, my conversations were positive. It is obvious that HPE is moving in the right direction with our partners. There is a lot of excitement about HPE’s strategy, partner programs, and the products and the solutions we deliver to our customers. In a recent IM conversation with Chris Ogburn, Vice President, Worldwide Channel Marketing Enterprise Group, I learned that he also spent a lot of time talking to partners about the HPE PartnerReady program, the many HPE announcements (including cloud), and the many partner opportunities we have across the HPE.  


The good news is that it is not just traditional HPE partners that are feeling this excitement, but our SmartChoice partners as well, who in the past had focused more of their activity with IBM, EMC or Dell.   They are now doing more business with HPE as they are realizing the strength of our partner program and come to understand how we are creating more opportunity for them to grow their business.

But what this IM exchange really made me think about is the level of innovation HPE brings to the table. And, unfortunately, the fact that not all of our partners know all our capabilities, or understand how to leverage all of our products and services to deliver solutions to their customers that gives them an advantage over the competition. I need to remember, as does everyone at HPE, that when I talk to partners or customers, I share the full breath of all that HPE has to offer.

This is not always easy to do, since we all tend to focus on our everyday jobs. In my role, I focus on enabling our partners to transition from a traditional reseller model, to one in which they enhance their portfolio to offer cloud services.   My team and I frequently blog about some of the opportunities and challenges that our partners face in our Evolution of the Channel blog series. We work closely with select partners as they deal with the disruption that is caused by cloud to their business models. For my partners, it is a learning process to make the transition to cloud, however, they all feel it that is the direction they need to take to support their customers and to grow their business.

No doubt, cloud is important to our customers. But HPE is so much more than just the cloud conversation. The level of innovation that is coming out of HPE at this time is unbelievable. Chris really bought it home to me during our IM. When I think back to some of my discussions with partners, I realized that Chris was right.   Partners I spoke with were amazed at some of capabilities that we had to offer – and they saw how our recent announcements translated to opportunities for them to meet their customers’ needs.

A few of the areas which partners where excited to learn about:

I am optimistic about the future of HPE and the opportunities we are bringing to partners. When I talk to our solution partners I realize that they are just as optimistic. The future is, indeed, bright for HPE and its partners.

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About the Author


Edward Choi is the Vice President of WW Cloud and Indirect Channel Programs. Choi is an accomplished, results-focused executive with a passion for driving large-scale strategic initiatives and solution delivery transformation. In his current role, he is responsible for the cloud channel strategy development and execution to drive market testing and scaling of a collaborative ecosystem of service providers, VARs, and ISVs that will leverage HPE and 3rd party technologies, JGTM motions, and financial innovations to build/sell/deliver differentiated services-led hybrid-Cloud solutions. Prior to his current role, Choi was the Vice President of Cloud Customer Success Management. He was responsible for the “One-HP” client experience for the delivery of cloud services across all HP business units.

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