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Tips on getting started with the Cloud & which path to use


Author: Kevin Smilie: HP Industry Consulting Partner


Cloud.  There is no doubt that Cloud Computing is a hot topic. It appears everyone wants to incorporate it in their environment. From the IT department to the CEO office, enterprises are looking to integrate additional cloud services or simply begin utilizing cloud infrastructures within their environments. They want to easily increase bandwidth flexibility, improve reaction speed and decrease operating expenses; some of the advantages of cloud infrastructure.


From a business-centric perspective, cloud provides a way to increase speed to market, lower IT service costs and improve overall IT service quality.  But before you consider diving into cloud and employing it for every system and network, take a strategic step back. It is vital to understand the true capabilities of Cloud Computing. This means looking beyond the buzz and hype, and focus on the advantages and limitations of this shared IT service model.


At the Pathways to Cloud Roadshow 2012 sponsored by HP and Intel®, you will learn how HP experts can help your organization establish a new cloud infrastructure. Or, if you already utilize cloud capabilities, they will show you how to best evolve your current system to meet your current and future needs.


The “How to get started and which path to choose” seminar is like a GPS for your converged infrastructure journey.  You will better understand your current positioning, what current resources are best suited for a cloud environment and how to best integrate your systems together.


This seminar will cover a full-range of topics and is applicable for everyone on the path to cloud. HP understands that clients are in various stages of cloud adoption and that a “one-size fits all” approach will not work. Your organization is looking for a specialized guide to meet you right where you are and lead you on your personal journey.


The “How to get started and which path to choose” presentation will offer insights for those who are just starting to understand how converged infrastructure and cloud can help them to those with established cloud infrastructures who are looking for “more”.


HP Pathways to Cloud roadshow is touring the U.S. and Canada from March 6- May 1. The roadshow will help you explore and understand the key elements involved on the path to cloud.  The 15-city roadshow begins in Houston, and continues with stops in Seattle, Boston, Orange County, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco.


Register for a roadshow event near you or get more information.

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