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Transforming to Cloud, an architectural point of view


On the CloudSource blog, I just started a series that introduces the HP Cloud Functional Reference Architecture. In the series, I am describing the overall principles with which the architecture is constructed. With this in mind, we have to remember that having an architecture is nice, but using it is even better.


Developing this architecture has taught me a lot about cloud. It has forced the team I was working with to logically analyze how a provisioning or a usage request would actually be executed. As well as look at what components should be involved to deliver to the end user what he requires.


That experience served as a basis for the Master the Cloud session I am presenting at HP Discover in Frankfurt. But, I’m taking it one step further. I am looking at using the reference architecture as a basis to define how I migrate my services to the cloud?


Biking through the Cloud


After describing the base reference architecture principles, I’ll welcome you to Joe’s Bicycle business. Joe has a series of shops where he sells his high-end bicycles. His business is expanding rapidly, so he needs to grow his distribution channel quickly. He is doing that both through shops he owns and franchises. He needs to get those going very quickly, so he is looking at how he could allow the shop teams to provision a pre-configured environment so they can start their shop.


Obviously, over the years he has built a number of software pieces. Rather than starting them from scratch, he is looking at ways to transform his current assets so they can run in the cloud.


Follow me on Joe’s journey defining what he should do with each of his main software components. We will review the decisions he should make and the paths he should follow. Once we have a good view on what Joe will have to do, we’ll switch gears and review how the architecture addresses some of the challenges Joe has.


Functional Reference Architecture and you!


So, this is really a very practical session looking at how the Functional Reference Architecture can help you think through the challenges you have in migrating your business to the cloud. For those of you who follow my blog regularly know I tend to be rather practical.


Come to Discover and meet me for session TB2051 in Room 6 (Hall 4.1) on Tuesday December 4th from 10:00-10:45 AM and kick-off your breakout session time with Joe and his bicycle shop. I am looking forward to seeing you there.




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