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Triforce and HPE - Making the Cloud Transition Together


Enterprise IT is looking for sound, reliable advice to select the right mix of technology solutions - from traditional IT to private or public cloud - so that IT can enable increased agility, reduced complexity and cost reduction.  Today, 67% of companies look to external help to support their cloud effort.  In fact, many HPE channel partners are helping customers make smart decisions to match the right workload with the right mix of technology based on where the customer is on their transition to cloud.

 A new video with Triforce Australia, a Cloud Builder partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, highlights how this partner is helping its customers cross a new IT threshold.

In the video, Triforce Managing Director Abbas Aly says that many of the customers his company serves are in the midst of a cloud journey, and are “still on the old platforms and looking for solutions.” Triforce, an IT infrastructure solutions and services provider that's been an HPE partner for 15 years, relies on HPE Cloud Service Automation to help customers make the transition, and to give them confidence that their journey will be successful.

“There are a lot of opportunities for cloud, [especially] the hybrid cloud, where customers will have private as well as some external cloud,” he says. “HPE, being able to provide the software for them to have one single-pane viewing platform, will make it easier for them.”

Reducing the complexity

For global organizations, the debate isn’t merely “on-premises” vs. “cloud.” Aly cites a client that, as a large marketing organization, needed a solution that not only put its 25 Australian offices onto one platform, but would also interact seamlessly with offices in other countries. All this while reducing dependency on internal IT specialists. That's where HPE Helion's Cloud Service Automation solution made all the difference.

 “[They could] connect with Azure or Amazon as they required,” Aly says. “It gave them one sort of a brokerage point for them to be able to run their school system. Moreover, the school needed less training to get up and running.” There was a lower cost for management of their internal network. As a result, they spent less money on managing their internal network, Aly adds.

“It was a very good combination of HP hardware and software,” he says.

Resources as they're needed

In addition to reducing complexity, whether for a globally dispersed organization or for a single institution, Helion also provides the flexibility that allows Triforce clients to use resources wisely.

“It allows the customers not only to consume what they have on-premises, and to connect to third-party cloud,” Aly says, “but it also allows them to burst in and out as their demands require for them to carry out their workloads.”

This connection between the power of cloud technology and an ease of execution for organizations just making the leap has been the secret of success for many Triforce clients, and one of the main objectives of Helion.

For more on how HPE Helion is helping Triforce clients make the transition to cloud—with greater flexibility and less complexity—check out this HPE Helion Partner Success Story video.

To learn more, please contact our cloud partner, Triforce Australia. 


Janette A Hausler | @jhausler |
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Janette Hausler is the Leader of WW Cloud Channel Partner Marketing at HPE. She is proud to be one of the founding HPE employees of Cloud and Cloud channel businesses. Janette speaks Spanish and has lived in Argentina, Mexico and England. She's also an adventure traveler and has hiked the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and Incan Trail to Machu Picchu.

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