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Try HP CloudSystem Matrix software for non-HP servers!


I get to meet many customers who are interested in building their own private cloud services. These customers come from different industries and different experiences with cloud services. Many of these customers are starting to evaluate options for deploying their first private cloud services - often Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings targeted towards IT end users.


For these customers, integrated solutions, such as HP CloudSystem, offer a turnkey solution that can get them up and running a month or less. This is a great way to get started with a private cloud. This is a very important step since it will help customers understand the IT people and process changes that are also required to successfully move to a new delivery model.


While many customers are starting small, those same customers also believe that they will want to move beyond their initial environment over time - or grow tall. Many vendors who offer turnkey solutions allow growth through the purchase of additional turnkey solutions. However, many of the customers I speak with would like to leverage their existing infrastructure when they want to grow - not purchase new infrastructure. This is where HP is a little different.


While HP CloudSystem Matrix is available as a popular turnkey solution, many customers don't realize that it is also available as HP CloudSystem Matrix software that can be used in an existing environment. In addition, many people have the mis-conception that HP CloudSystem Matrix only supports HP hardware. While HP naturally provides HP hardware in its turnkey solution, it does support non-HP hardware - such as supporting the management of virtual machines for any x86 server on the vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) and Hyper-V supported hardware lists.


In addition to HP providing both a turnkey IaaS solution as well as an expansion plan that encompasses an organizations existing infrastructure, HP is making it easier to evaluate our solutions. In June, HP released a trial version of HP CloudSystem Matrix software. In addition, HP now offers HP CloudSystem Matrix software for non-HP servers in a trial version. If you want to set it up a virtual machine-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, such as in lab using whatever hardware you have on hand, you can now do so. Both trial versions of the HP CloudSystem Matrix software are available at


Enjoy testing and evaluating HP CloudSystem Matrix software!


Jacob Van Ewyk









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I am part of the CloudSystem Matrix product management team at HP. I focus on our partnering strategy with other HP software products.

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