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Uncover insights from all angles


How do you discover and gain better insights into your business? How do you uncover and capture human insights that are not necessarily quantifiable and transform them into bits and bytes?  There are a few questions to ask yourself to gain this knowledge:


  • How do you perform win/loss analysis? 
  • What are the key learnings from a recent project?
  • How do you measure enterprise alignment or critical training gaps? 
  • How do you transform the way you capture organizational intelligence and analyze the collective insights of your employees from all angles?


These are the problems 9Lenses is prepared to help you solve. I had the great pleasure to meet with the CEO of 9Lenses, Edwin Miller, at the recent HP Discover event.  9Lenses, a software developer founded in 2010, is the leader in organizational intelligence software. This is a next-generation platform that uses a proprietary Interview Engine and Analytics package to rapidly diagnose organizational strengths, challenges, and focus areas. 9Lenses provides a cloud-based software platform that rapidly captures and analyzes information from a company’s key stakeholders. The company then uses this information to improve critical areas of its organizations. 9Lenses is unique in the fact that they capture nine different views of the data, offering a more accurate way to identify trends (hence the name 9Lenses).


Why Cloud?


When developing their applications, 9Lenses needed a first-class, scalable cloud infrastructure with enterprise-grade security.  They also need 99.9 percent uptime as well as the ability to scale to accommodate growth as needed.  HP provides a scalable Virtual Private Cloud that is enterprise-grade to support 9Lenses' customers around the world, with the ability to manage where the data is stored, who access the data, and an authenticated footprint to meet audit requirements.   


I have recently used 9Lenses to conduct a sales team assessment as a part of our go-to-market transformation project.  The app design was easy, the deployment of the apps was instantaneous and the analytics results were quickly compiled and were made available in a single repository with an almost infinite way to dissect and analyze the data.  Our team is pleased with the valuable insights from the 9Lenses social discovery process.


Next Steps


HP and 9Lenses are working together for a joint go-to-market model that allows HP and its customers to take advantage of 9Lenses capabilities to gain penetrating insights about their organization and strategy.  In addition, 9Lenses continues to expand its global presence by leveraging HP’s cloud datacenter footprint. By collaborating together, 9Lenses and HP bring to the market a much simpler and powerful way to uncover insights from all angles.



For more information, visit  and

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