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VMworld 2014 sneak peek: 3 ways to improve how you design cloud services


Written contribution by Camilo Cuervo, Product Manager (HPSW Automation and Cloud Management)


The annual VMWorld US conference in San Francisco is just around the corner, and it’s sure to provide another fascinating look at the latest advances beyond virtualization and into cloud computing space. HP will be there, of course, showcasing our extensive suite of HP Orchestrated Datacenter solutions. And to get you prepped, here is a sneak peek at three important use cases that we’ll be highlighting for cloud practitioners.


Across full stack.png#1   Move beyond IaaS to PaaS

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will soon become the standard for Web applications and it’s one of the fastest growing areas of all cloud computing services, because it lets you focus on solving business problems, leaving the mechanics of automating the full stack and operations to the vendor. PaaS can also help enhance developer productivity and improve overall time to market.


Inconsistent service modeling between infrastructure and applications tends to be an issue with some vendors. They are unable to manage pre-existing physical servers and database and middleware apps. With HP Orchestrated Datacenter solutions, enjoy a consistent set of service lifecycle actions to request, reserve, create, manage, delete, un-reserve, and close requests for every element of a service, including the OS, infrastructure, database, middleware & application layers.



Across service lifecycle.png#2   Easily modify custom attributes after deployment

Give your customers exactly what they want. You’re now able to more precisely customize services to business needs, improving agility & efficiency and Total Time to Value.


To do this, you really want to design your service once and then easily modify them afterward as needed. But say you have a complex, three-tier app, with three service design instances with slightly different versions or configurations. Typically the more configurations to a service you have, the more images you'll need, which increases image management and storage requirements. That’s why HP Orchestrated Datacenter has developed solutions that allow you to customize and add to a single image, so you can quickly and easily modify settings, attributes or custom configurations and re-deploy complex service designs.



#3   Test service designs before publishing

It’s important to test a service design before you publish and deploy it to an existing environment, but some solutions don’t provide the capability to do service validations or “dry runs”. If an admin creates a service with a specific resource configuration, you would want to make sure it runs successfully, making sure that any dependencies, are in place to fulfill on the request. Being able to define and test the service design in a local environment ensures your services will be more accurate, improving quality & deployment success rates.


Within HP Orchestrated Datacenter, HP’s Cloud Service Automation 4.1 administration portal let’s you define a test design in a local environment, including helping you ensure your services are properly and accurately tested, improving quality and deployment success rates.



Learn more

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We hope to see you there at VMworld 2014 (HP Booth #1005).


But in the meantime, get caught up on HP’s vision for an Orchestrated Datacenter, and read how HP Orchestrated Datacenter solutions have helped a biotechnology company achieve a level of control unprecedented in its sector. Visit the solution site at to learn more. 


Next, join us on HP Automation and Cloud Management Community. A place where you can share your thoughts and ideas, and see what others are saying about IT automation and cloud management. Your voice deserves to be heard by a community that matters and where practitiioners go to be heard.


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