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Vision, strategy, open source and cloud: HP Helion executives at HP Discover


The HP Helion executive team has finalized their sessions for HP Discover. Our industry leading cloud executives will highlight the HP Helion vision and strategy in three key sessions that should be an automatic attend on your HP Discover session schedule.





Bill-Hilf-Headshot.jpgBill Hilf, Sr VP Cloud Product and Service Management











kerrybailey.jpgKerry Bailey, Sr VP Cloud Sales


williamfanklin.jpgWilliam Franklin, VP OpenStack and Sales Enablement


The following three sessions are a must for any HP Discover attendee interested in learning more about HP Helion and our cloud strategy and vision. 



Building Real-World Clouds: Nine Lessons from the Trenches and Strategies for Success                               

Tuesday June 10: 1:00pm – 1:20pm: Innovation Theater: IT4656

The benefits of cloud are undeniable. And as enterprises invest aggressively in the cloud, an open-cloud strategy is critically important. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all cloud solution; each organization has different requirements for different types of applications and workloads. Today, hybrid-cloud solutions offer the necessary agility and flexibility for meeting both business and technical requirements. Join industry veteran Bill Hilf, SVP of Product and Service Management, HP Cloud, as he talks about the future of cloud, the role of hybrid cloud in the New Style of IT, and nine real-world cloud learnings that will help you create the right cloud strategy for your enterprise.


Empowering IT-as-a-Service with Cloud and OpenStack® Technology Innovation

Wednesday June 11: 9:00am – 10:00am: Track Keynote: TK4597

Today, IT leaders face a new era – one where they can be heroes to their organizations and drive growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. By partnering with HP, you can become a hero, too, by building and consuming cloud services with simplicity, security, agility and the right economics. Join Bill Hilf, HP senior vice president, cloud product and service management, and Kerry Bailey, senior vice president, HP Cloud, to learn how HP empowers IT to deliver innovation for business growth, while evolving to a service provider, where the cloud becomes the fabric of the organization. You will hear customer stories and see how other companies use OpenStack technology and HP Cloud to build secure, scalable, and reliable offerings. This session will also discuss open vs. proprietary approaches, and how to achieve interoperability and portability in an increasingly complex IT environment. With everything moving to “as-a-Service,” learn why the real answer is “IT-as-a-Service.”


How the OpenStack® Ecosystem is Primed for the Enterprise

Thursday June 12: 10:30am – 11:30am: Business Breakout: BB3964

A few years ago, a limited number of enterprises used open source technology in their infrastructure. . Today, it’s difficult to find an IT operation that does not leverage open source technology. Yet, some cloud providers would have you believe that OpenStack technology—“the” open source cloud platform—is not yet enterprise-ready. In reality, OpenStack computing is the fastest growing open source project worldwide, and it is being deployed by thousands of companies for business-critical workloads.


Join us for this insightful session with William L. Franklin, VP, OpenStack Technology Enablement, HP Cloud to lean how you can use the OpenStack ecosystem for public, private, and hybrid cloud delivery, while still maintaining the security, control, and management required to operate at scale. Franklin will also provide real-world examples of how companies have implemented OpenStack technology, the benefits experienced, and how HP is consistently adding enterprise-grade innovations to OpenStack cloud computing.  


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