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Week in Review: Dreamworks Animation Frees Developers to Innovate Faster with Hybrid Cloud


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DreamWorks Frees Animators and Developers from Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud and DevOps

bobbydreamwork.pngBobby Patrick, Helion Cloud CMO, writes about his conversation with Jeff Wike, head of technology for DreamWorks Animation who describes how hybrid cloud freed up animators and developers to create and innovate faster. 



 Five capabilities to integrate capacity management for your private or hybrid cloud and boost results

puttingyourcloudtowork.jpgDeborah Martin writes about a cloud use case for Datacenter operations. Getting a handle on capacity management is key to optimizing your private and hybrid cloud results and user satisfaction. See how adding these five key capabilities to Datacenter operations cloud management toolset can help.



Cloud Security Threats - Lack of Due Diligence when Moving to the Cloud


Simon Leech, Cloud Security Evangelist, writes the fourth blog in the series of five looking at cloud security threats identified by the Cloud Security AllianceThis blog coveres risk assoicated with lack of due diligence when it comes to your security strategy. 



 My Cloud Learning Journey Part 3: "We need to talk to Kevin"

banner_tim_blog_part_03.jpgPost by Guest Author, Tim Clayton. As part of my ongoing series to learn about the Cloud from the point of view of the totally uninitiated and try to make some sense of it, I’m told “You need to speak to Kevin Stoll. He’s the reality of cloud.”




GS1 Canada Scales its Recall Service to New Markets with HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud


Cloud Story about GS1 , a nonprofit global standards organization, put saftey first when they opted to run and manage its product recall application—developed by HPE Software Services—in a virtual private cloud managed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Today, GS1 has a customer base of 2,000 vendors using its product recall service in Canada’s grocery industry. FULL BLOG


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