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Week in Review: Internet of Things, Cloud Economics, Stackato


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HPE Data Sovereignty and Data PrivacyHPE Data Sovereignty and Data PrivacyFind the partner that will offer your right mix of cloudFind the partner that will offer your right mix of cloud












Industry Cloud News

OpenStack is about disruption and diversity.OpenStack is about disruption and diversity.Put a Security Plan in place before it's to late.Put a Security Plan in place before it's to late.












Weekly Blog Wrap Up

My Cloud Learning Journey: Part 6.1 Cloud Economics or “Nubes parcus”


In the 6th series of Tim Clayton's Cloud Learning Journey Series he gains insight and understanding from Owen Rogers, Director of the Digital Economics Unit at 451 Research. Owen takes the complexity of cloud and attempts to pull together the all the knowns...

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Your Internet of Things is connected to the Cloud - and both need security


The increase in effectiveness and popularity of IoT is due in no small part to the ability of cloud to provide a scalable back-end that allows organizations running IoT projects to offer mass data storage and analytic processing capabilities. And as with any...

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 HPE Helion Stackato Increases Big Data Agility for Heavy Industry


UK-based QiO enables its industrial clients to free up their engineers for creating business value faster and taking full advantage of Industry 4.0 with platform and data services based on HPE Helion Stackato.

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I manage the HPE Helion social media brand accounts promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds.I have put my toes in the ocean of cloud evangelism for the enterprise IT industry. But my expertise is in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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