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What HP Cloud Maps can do for your business

Chris Purcell

In my previous blog post “Cooking in the cloud made easyI summarized the value of Cloud Maps and how they can simplify and speed the creation and deployment of cloud services. Although I liked the Betty Crocker analogy I used in the previous post, today I’d like to talk about the business value of Cloud Maps—or recipes for cloud computing services.


HP Cloud Maps enable you to fast-track service catalog creation for your Windows, Linux and HP-UX applications in the cloud. They are pre-defined workflows and templates based on best practices developed via partnerships with key independent ISVs, SIs, along with thousands of real-world customers, leveraging industry-leading intellectual property in application performance, availability, deployment, and lifecycle management. Because of this pre-packaged approach, HP Cloud Maps combine everything you need to streamline the development and rollout of cloud-based services - especially services based on your current enterprise applications.


Let’s review what’s inside a Cloud Map. Each Cloud Map consists of intellectual property and tested engineering components, including:

Templates for hardware and software configuration that can be imported directly into HP CloudSystem or related software, saving you days or weeks of solution design time

Sizers to help guide capacity and performance planning

Wizard-driven workflows and scripts that automate installation and provisioning, and simplify repeating processes

Reference white papers to help customize the Cloud Map for your specific implementation


Most importantly, although Cloud Maps package up everything you need to develop and deploy cloud services, you can still fine-tune them to ensure the services are fully optimized for your unique infrastructure. Cloud Maps can also dramatically lower your costs by carving as many as 200 staff hours from the process of designing, developing, and deploying a new service. You’ll find that the high-quality applications deployed using Cloud Maps demonstrate lower maintenance costs, too.


There are more than 100 Cloud Maps to choose from, representing a comprehensive set of solutions, from infrastructure and application design to automated lifecycle management. And you’re assured of the optimized performance and service levels that come from leveraging industry-leading intellectual property developed by HP engineers. Being HP-tested helps eliminate design and ongoing application maintenance errors, and they increase security and availability through proactive compliance policies. So you get reduced risk and increased service quality, due to tested content that’s been compiled and vetted by experts.


Cloud Maps, will enable you to build cloud service catalogs and respond to your business demands by deploying applications with the push of a button. Not only is this a huge time saver, but it also significantly reduces your risk in service development and deployment.

Click on a link below to view and download Cloud Maps for leading business applications:


CitrixClerityEricssonF5 NetworksIBM Software McAfee Microsoft Novell OpenText


OraclePTCQADRed HatSAPSAS SymantecTIBCOTrend MicroWordPress


Wherever you are in your cloud project, I still see the transition as a journey, moving from a physical infrastructure to virtualized assets, from servers to services, and from somewhat skeptical benefits of cloud to fully embracing its use. So keep HP Cloud Maps in mind as they can accelerate your application deployment, moving you into the cloud’s fast lane and helping you reach your cloud destination sooner.


HP Cloud Maps are part of the HP Converged Cloud solutions announced this week. Please visit the Converged Cloud announcement site for more information.




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