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What good is a tool if you are underutilizing it? Learn the potential of HP Operations Orchestration


Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales


As the VP of Go to Market (GTM) for Sales here at HP, I get the luxury of working with a tremendous set of products and a partner pool that is second to none in the industry.  This essentially means that I get to see the best of the best do what they do on a consistent basis. It is honestly a pretty cool position to be in.


One of the area’s I am particularly proud of is the work done by Hejong Kim and his team at pureIntegration (an HP Partner) around Operations Orchestration (OO).  Historically speaking OO is one of those solutions that simply sells itself because it cannot be match in the industry for level of flexibility and number of integration points. 


If you have experienced HP Operations Orchestrations, you can download it here.


HP Operations Orchestration is a next-generation IT Process Automation solution that is designed from the ground up to increase automation adoption whether in a traditional data center or hybrid cloud environment. It automates your IT tasks, operations and processes and is not just limited to run book automation. It also provides the most comprehensive integration capabilities and out-of-box content across multiple IT domains such as virtualization, Cloud, SAP orchestration, Dev/Ops and Security Ops.


G8641111032008_JPGHighres_96dpi_800x600.pngWhat good is a tool that is sitting around collecting dust?

The challenge with OO is that once the task or project at hand is complete the product typically sits underutilized because clients don’t realize the potential of their investment. Their investment in OO can be used over and over again to create a lot more value.  I encourage you to watch this video from pureIntegration and see if you are getting full value of OO.


Clients that have or are consider securing OO always need to ask themselves one question—what is next?  If you are not looking for the next project, the next area of savings or at ways to create value you are simply not getting your money’s  worth.  That is why clients should look to partners like pureIntegration as inspiration. This organization is thriving and is focused  on finding the next area of tremendous savings, the next area to integrate and the next opportunity to automate repetitive tasks.


From this business case, see how pureIntegration is pushing the limits of OO .


Hejong Kim CEO of pureIntegration has a saying he likes to share with me on occasion: “Operations Orchestration is the greatest solution that is most frequently underutilized by your clients and I want to fix that!”


Learning from the experience of others

Having partners that speak the unfiltered truth is refreshing and something I never take for granted. We would be lost without our partner community because they provide us with honest feedback and allow us to improve our offerings.

If you have currently have OO or are considering the adoption of it, I strongly recommend you leverage the experience and demonstrated by pureIntegration.  Feel free to reach out to them by leveraging this email address ( if you have questions or want to brainstorm other areas where OO can be leveraged at your organization.


Remember OO is a product that should always have ongoing projects or your organization is not getting your money’s worth. Otherwise you are seeing a substandard return on your capital.


Download your copy today to see what projects you can use it on.

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