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Who is Using Enterprise Cloud in the EU?



As we head into the Cloud28+ event next week in Amsterdam, we anticipate a greater push for cloud adoption among the EU’s enterprise-level businesses. Especially following the overturning of Safe Harbour and more European companies looking for compliant cloud services.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cloud28+, it is essentially an open community of cloud services dedicated to accelerating cloud adoption in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Cloud28+ members have been vetted to ensure their compliance with European data privacy requirements.

With the event on the horizon, we can’t help but wonder who is actually using cloud services in Europe?

If we can gather benchmark data, then we will be better equipped to measure the progress of cloud adoption in the enterprise.

The information and communications sectors are the most invested in enterprise cloud – at 42 percent. But let’s take a look at some other important revelations,, using data from Eurostat.

Most Cloud Resources are Used for E-mail, Software and Storage

While 19 percent of EU enterprises used cloud computing in 2014, the majority of the resources were dedicated to e-mail hosting, electronic file storage, and office software.

Other main uses of the cloud included hosting the enterprise’s database, running business applications, powering customer relationship management tools, and supporting financial and accounting software applications.

In the Enterprise, Public Cloud is King

In 2014, nearly twice as many firms used public cloud servers and private cloud servers, 12 percent compared to 7 percent. That being said, we anticipate a shift toward more private cloud in the enterprise, as a result of Safe Harbour ending. Those who use enterprise cloud in the EU will build infrastructure for their exclusive use, instead of risking data compromise in public cloud.

Security Risks Remain a Pain Point

The risk of security breach was the main limiting factor in the use of cloud computing services, said four out of ten enterprises using the cloud. As cloud providers become compliant with Europe’s data privacy requirements – as are Cloud28+ companies – we anticipate these concerns will be mitigated.

There is a Knowledge Barrier

Almost half of enterprises not using cloud (42 percent) said their lack of cloud knowledge is the reason.

Our hope with Cloud28+ is to educate European enterprises on the availability of compliant cloud services and providers. Businesses can enjoy the advantages of cloud computing without putting sensitive data at risk; increasing business agility and time-to-market while satisfying customer demands for privacy and responsiveness.

For a great overview of the Cloud28+ event, check out Simon Leech’s recent piece.

You can also register for the event here.

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