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Why Building Blocks Are Crucial for Enabling the Cloud: HP ProLiant Gen8


Author: Joshua Koelewyn: HP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking.


When HP announced the launch of the new Gen8 ProLiant Servers, the world was introduced to the world most self-sufficient server. This server was built with cloud deployments in mind.  These new ProLiant servers are the building blocks for your cloud journey.  They automate processes and reporting. These servers also increase the speed of initial set-up and integration into your environment. This significantly increases the speed that your whole IT environment is utilizing cloud benefits.


HP engineers and designers built the ProLiant Gen8 upon the legacy of previous generations, while integrating the knowledge garnered by years of monitoring error reporting. What resulted are more than 150 engineering innovations and the most self-sufficient server in the world. The new ProLiant servers were built around four main pillars that improve how the servers operate, but also how the user interacts with the server.


With its HP Proactive Insight architecture embedded inside each ProLiant server, clients gain insight and a rich set of capabilities that automate and simplify system provisioning, troubleshooting and firmware and software updates.

Taking advantage of an industry-first Active Health system, embedded tools, simplified firmware and software maintenance process and agentless management; HP ProLiant servers use intelligence to automate your most common tasks during each step of the IT lifecycle.  Active Health system also continuously monitors and securely logs over 1600 system parameters and 100 percent of all configuration changes, empowering you with the insight to keep your systems running at peak performance with minimal downtime and effort. 


With smarter servers behind you and your business, you can get systems online 3x faster, start troubleshooting 5x faster with more context and accuracy, and deploy updates 3x faster with 93 percent less downtime during online updates. Less interaction required during the update process reduces operator time by 69 percent.


At the Pathways to Cloud Roadshow 2012 sponsored by HP and Intel®, you will learn how HP experts can help your organization establish a new cloud infrastructure. Or, if you already utilize cloud capabilities, they will show you how to best evolve your current system to meet your current and future needs.


At the “Compute Decisions Today for a Cloud Ready Future - Pt.1” presentation on day two of the roadshow, HP experts will discuss how the new ProLiant servers are the best tools you can have in your data center for your cloud deployment.  You will uncover how these innovations will revolutionize your IT infrastructure and cloud environment.


HP Pathways to Cloud roadshow is touring the U.S. and Canada from March 6- May 1. The roadshow will help you explore and understand the key elements involved on the path to cloud.  The 15-city roadshow begins in Houston, and continues with stops in Seattle, Boston, Orange County, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco.


Register for a roadshow event near you or get more information.

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Why isn't the roadshow coming to the DC area?  This is a major market.

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