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Why Helion OpenStack 3.0 is the best one yet


Big, ambitious engineering projects almost always contain inherent tradeoffs between the elegant and the practical.  Elegant design is always attractive, but when you’re shipping a product, you also need to prioritize the needs of the customers who rely on the technology.

We saw this tension in our first run at creating Helion OpenStack®.  We were committed to TripleO, which is an elegant approach to deploying OpenStack, but when we battle-tested it in the field, we found that it made for opaque installations that were nearly impossible to expand and upgrade without a redeployment.  We solved most of these issues in v2 and beyond by taking an Ansible-based approach to the lifecycle management of the Helion OpenStack platform.  We measure our success in terms of how fast customers can now deploy, update, and upgrade OpenStack: what once took weeks can now be accomplished in a day.  It’s an excellent example of engineering in harmony with customer needs.

Indeed, one of the major themes at the OpenStack Summit in Austin last month was the degree to which customer values have taken root in OpenStack. From the vibrancy of the marketplace to the topics of the keynotes, it’s clear that OpenStack is sufficiently mature to address a broad range of workloads and customer demands.

This fact was also driven home for me in a conversation I had in Austin with my colleague Jim Meyer, VP of Engineering for HPE Cloud, about HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0.   We had a great time talking about our multi-release themes of improving Lifecycle Management, Operability, and Security, and also about what we’re excited about in the upstream Mitaka release.  We’ve certainly learned a lot in our OpenStack journey, and are excited about what’s coming next!

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As Vice President of Cloud Products and Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I lead the HPE Helion portfolio, including HPE Helion OpenStack®, HPE Helion Stackato, HPE Helion CloudSystem, and HPE Helion Eucalyptus, extending across our Private Cloud and Managed Cloud routes-to-market. In prior lives I’ve been the General Manager of the Microsoft App Server business; helped start and deliver multiple versions of the .NET and Azure developer platforms; and was responsible for the SQL Server and Xbox platforms as their General Manager. I’ve also worked at three startups, one of which (NEON Systems) IPO’ed in 1999. I live with my wife and three daughters in Redmond, WA, and like rainy winter days because they mean fresh powder on the weekends. Follow me on Twitter @omrig.

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