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You can’t hit a target you can’t see!


I am always thinking of greatness in many forms, like many of you, thinking of greatness helps keep me focused on the future. Because I have this appetite I bet you can guess that I was following the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week. 


CESphoto_280.jpgAfter digesting all of the innovation highlights from the event, I am happy with the dose of knowledge I received. If you follow me on twitter you saw that my top pick of innovation from CES was Samsung's bendable TV. Chris O’Brien from the Los Angeles Times reported on the event and shared his view that “For the most part, consumers are only buying smartphones and tablets.”  HP is looking to create this norm for enterprise users as well as HP unveiled at CES 2014 a new 27-inch all-in-one workstation and new Android-based all-in-one PC.


In addition to technology, I am an avid follower of fashion, media and entertainment. Each of these offer a daily dose of informative social media that helps me stay in the know. I was recently reading an article that highlighted a multimillion fashion icon, Daymond John. John’s thoughts on “dreaming big but thinking bigger”speaks to startups and enterprise businesses.  He is an American entrepreneur, investor, television personality, author and motivational speaker. He is best known as the founder, president and CEO of FUBU, and appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series “Shark Tank”.


daymond-john-200x300.jpgAim and shoot

Daymond often has prophetic quotes. He is famous for telling the entrepreneurs he coaches on ABC’s Shark Tank that “You can’t hit a target you can’t see”.  

His wisdom can be transferred into how we think about our businesses and strategies for our enterprises. As another year progresses and we attend or “virtually attend” some of our biggest technology events like CES, we have to sharpen our targets as leaders. We are offered a dose of understanding about how things are advancing in businesses and products.  These lessons often inspire new opportunities to think big and expand our horizons.  This brings me to the question: Do you know how to dream and think big?  An even bigger question is: Do you know how to implement the dreams and bring them to life in your enterprise?  HP can help you do that.  For those of you who are trying to figure out an effective hybrid delivery model for your enterprise, we can help you. 

The HP Cloud Workshop is an interactive experience; that is tailored to and driven by your business and cloud agenda. It uses  highly informative and engaging visual panels to drive interaction in the workshop. During the workshop,  senior HP consultants will share their vast experience from many engagements across a wide variety of industries to create an experience that fosters an open and frank conversation about how you can best leverage cloud based on your specific circumstances. Ultimately, the goal of the workshop is to facilitate faster decision making and cross-team collaboration—so that you can shape your own cloud path to a promising future.

Six reasons to sign up for the HP Cloud Workshop

1. Take a holistic approach to cloud—including technology, process, people and governance

2. Gain a clear understanding of your current situation, future aspirations, and define a suitable roadmap

3. Prioritize cloud-related projects that are strategic, transformational, and promising. This helps you gain ROI/business value quickly

4. Understand the benefits, scope, scale, and all critical success factors

5. Gain stakeholder buy-in and give traction to any existing cloud initiative

6. Draw on the HP experience and best practices from over 800 delivered workshops


Think about trying it.  I invite you to get to know some of our experts and feel free to ask questions. You can either email me directly or you can leave a question in the comments section below. (

You can also stay connected by following me on twitter @OrtegaPittman.


Ortega Pittman
HP Worldwide Marketing
Accelerating Innovation &Thought Leadership with HP Helion
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Ortega has been working for HP for 7 years across their Global Marketing organization. "Tega" is an HP Cloud Senior Marketing leader accelerating messaging around HP Cloud Solutions. Her professional passions range from but are not limited to: globalized messaging on cloud solutions, learning from, interacting with, & influencing enterprise executives in their IT & business model investment strategies. Tega enjoys sharing her social media voice, global network experience, and innovative thoughts. In addition, she keeps her followers connected on world events, industry trends, & global demands that impact the need for technology solutions. Her professional passion stems in outreach to decision makers from startups to enterprise who want to change the world. Tega offers inspiration to her followers that they embrace becoming or comtinue to expand as "forward thinkers". Let's do this! Your enterprise is counting on you.

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