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You can test drive HP CloudSystem Matrix Software


At HP, we believe that customers will all have a unique journey to their cloud environment. The first steps often include standardization, consolidation, virtualization and automation and then building to an internal IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.


One of the other key things we have learned from working with thousands of customers is that cloud implementations often have a bigger impact on the people and process of IT than on the technology of IT. Therefore, it is often good to start with a small project - often internal IT focused - to understand how cloud will impact the unique processes and the people in that specific organization before growing to a larger implementation. In other words, many organizations will want to start small and grow tall.


HP CloudSystem - with it's CloudSystem Matrix, CloudSystem Enterprise, and CloudSystem Service Provider variations - allows customers to scale their environments all the way up to multi-tenant, market-place facing cloud environments. However, with CloudSystem Matrix 7.1, we also allow customers to start very small.


In fact, for the first time, HP CloudSystem Matrix Software is now available in a trial version. If you are thinking about implementing an internal IT, virtual machine only private cloud, this will give you a chance to get a private cloud up and running in a day on top of your existing virtualized environment. It includes a built-in service designer, a self-service portal for IT end users, automated provisioning and capacity planning. It is built on the Matrix Operating Environment and supports any HP or 3rd party x86 servers and blade servers running VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. It is available now at


Once your trial environment is installed,  you can also use HP Cloud Maps - pre-defined service templates that you can configure for your environment - to build your service catalog quickly and start learning how cloud impacts the people and process of your organization.


Jacob Van Ewyk

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About the Author


I am part of the CloudSystem Matrix product management team at HP. I focus on our partnering strategy with other HP software products.

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