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Your Right Mix of Cloud is the Catalyst for your IT Transformation


It is now accepted that hybrid cloud is the primary catalyst for IT innovation. The statistics and forecasts vary, but there’s agreement among analysts that the bulk of major enterprises are already using some combination of traditional IT, public cloud, private cloud, and managed cloud, or will be soon.

The reason for this is simple. A hybrid infrastructure allows enterprises to align IT strategy to business goals with a degree of precision that wasn’t possible until now. Crafting that custom, ideal blend of public, private, and managed clouds is what we mean by finding your right mix.

Your right mix will be particular to the demands and aims of your business, but hybrid infrastructures in the same industry will bear similarities to one another. The illustration below shows how different verticals will deploy public and private clouds in different measures.

Your Right Mix of CloudYour Right Mix of CloudDefining your right mix also requires identifying the use cases that are most critical to your enterprise. At HPE we’ve drilled deep into the chief use cases spurring transformation to hybrid cloud.

Once you’ve defined your right mix, investigate how the HPE Helion portfolio allows you to power your hybrid IT with a battery of products built on open standards and open source:

The final step is optimizing your right mix. Bolstered by the expertise of HPE Helion Professional Services, solutions like HPE Data Center Automation and HPE OneView help you keep your hybrid IT infrastructure responsive and secure.

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