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iService Global advances into China’s Internet Plus era with HPE Helion


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Rapid cloud deployment across China

iService Global is a leading Chinese integrated information services provider and operator. Following the rise of cloud computing, it used its strong understanding of the market to reposition itself as a service outsourcing company based on cloud computing platforms. Its business model shifted to cover services including data mining, precision marketing, analytics, and business intelligence.

outcomes.PNGThe company has developed cloud solutions built on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Following the rapid deployment of its solutions, the IaaS platform required urgent improvement to connect these distributed cloud solutions. The ever-increasing number of distributed cloud platforms was putting extra requirements on iService Global's basic operation and maintenance personnel.

Unified management

To meet these challenges, iService Global selected Hewlett Packard Enterprise CloudSystem Enterprise 8.1, which can perform the unified management of both traditional and cloud local workloads on the same platform. This met the company’s requirements for connecting smart cloud platforms around the country.

“We chose HPE because as the program leader of OpenStack, HPE decides on OpenStack’s future course,” says the Vice President, iService Global.

iService Global is using an integrated HPE Helion OpenStack to deploy all IT resources on a unified architecture automating IT infrastructure control. This significantly reduces operating costs and helps build a business ecosystem that will serve government, industry, and consumers.

The company deployed HPE Helion OpenStack as the technical foundation in its data centers, encompassing HPE Helion CloudSystem Enterprise, HPE 3PAR storage, and HPE ProLiant DL380e servers. It collaborated with HPE Helion Professional Services teams to operate and maintain the cloud platform services.

“Working with HPE means we can help our clients to move their apps to our platform, facilitating data sharing and big data analysis,” says the VP. "HPE Helion OpenStack is seamlessly integrated to our IaaS platform, enabling us to improve our competitiveness and customer loyalty by offering value-add services.”

Fast, cost-effective deployment

iService Global has built more than 30 data centers in its target cities in nine provinces across China. It plans to expand to more than 100 in the next three to five years.

iService Data Center.jpgTo perform operations and maintenance effectively, iService Global works with HPE to ensure the stable operation of its data centers, and to continuously improve its technical service capabilities. HPE brought the necessary technical, operations, maintenance, and sales support to save time for iService Global’s team, and to achieve the best possible levels of service for customers.

“To run a cloud platform requires a lot of backup support, but our company does not have many IT administrators,” the VP says. “By using HPE Helion OpenStack, we don’t need to recruit extra administrators, and our current team can learn during the process of installation–this saves us a lot of time in training and recruitment.”

He adds, “HPE Helion OpenStack accelerates the launch of cloud platforms, and improves our service for our clients by simplifying application procedures, and enabling us to respond to their requests more quickly.”

With HPE Helion OpenStack, iService Global can deploy private cloud platforms rapidly, and it has reduced its average deployment time from over half a day, to less than one hour.

 By using HPE Helion OpenStack, iService Global has been able to achieve efficiencies beyond those expected. In fact, it has reduced the total cost of ownership to 40 percent of its original planned investment, increasing what can be achieved with its operational budget and saving 5 million Yuan (about $800,000 USD) per year.

iService Global has completed its first phase of cloud deployment with around 200 end customers using services provided with HPE Helion OpenStack. In the future, working with its partners, it will continue its efforts to enhance the value of distributed cloud platforms.

“We look forward to working with HPE for a long time,” the VP says. “Its world-leading technology and extensive industry experience are things you can really trust, and that strategic cooperation prerequisite appealed to our company.”

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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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