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"Ready-to-assemble” meets “Ready for service providers"


Latif-Hamlani-300-FINAL.jpgBy Guest author, Latif Hamlani, Strategy and Business Development, Service Providers, HPE


Over the weekend, I purchased a bed for my daughter from one of those furniture stores that prides itself on “ready-to-assemble” furniture that comes out of a box. Not only was it easy to assemble, it came with all the tools (thankfully minimally needed) to assemble the bed in one afternoon. While putting the bed together, I wondered, why don’t we make it this easy for service providers to assemble their services? As it turns out, there is a way to launch new revenue-generating services faster without increasing costs or compromising service level agreements.

HPE Service Provider Ready solutions are designed for service providers and their unique “as-a-Service” business models with reference architectures, installation, and deployment services. The industry-leading Service Provider Ready hardware and software solutions are purpose-built for providers. As the solutions are pre-tested and ready to run, we can help service providers accelerate services development while enabling them to meet their customers’ service-level agreements and security requirements. Right out of the box.


These unique service provider requirements include:

  • Automating services to sustain or recover from a failure, and using isolation to ensure appropriate security.
  • Scalability and multi-tenancy, including end-customer data isolation, and the ability to rapidly scale to support multiple end customers
  • Monitoring and management, such as multiple interfaces for identity and access management, the ability to link into a cloud service aggregation portal or platform, automation and orchestration for provisioning and monitoring, and end-to-end service lifecycle management
  • Billing integration interface and automation, including supporting interfaces to billing engines, fault and performance management, business reporting, and charging events

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers service providers a wide range of innovative and unique cloud-ready solutions, services, and professional support. Secure, scalable, integrated, and highly available, Service Provider Ready technology solutions include:

  • HPE Web and Hosting Service Ready: Get ready to scale Web infrastructure within existing space and power constraints, without compromising performance, with web and hosting built on HPE technologies such as HPE Moonshot System, the world’s first software-defined web server.
  • HPE Helion OpenStack® Quickstart: Ready, set, assemble a fully functioning cloud platform with your choice of hypervisor with the flexibility you need to deliver cost-efficient workloads. You can add storage, backup, recovery, and migration too.
  • HPE Cloud Backup Service Ready: If delivering a reliable, secure, and affordable backup service built on HPE Converged Backup while increasing profitability and reducing infrastructure and management costs sounds good, then this solution is for you. You can even include specifics such as customer-managed backup IaaS or service provider-managed Backup-as-a-Service, hosted backup services, or remote backup services.
  • HPE Software Defined Object Storage: Support multiple services including content repositories, archive, cloud storage, backup and sharing/collaboration, and content distribution with an object storage approach. With proven storage software and HPE’s purpose-built, cost effective infrastructure, you get a storage solution that scales linearly as a single distributed protected system across multiple active sites, thousands of servers, sizing beyond petabytes, and unlimited objects.
  • HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN): Through software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization, ready-to-leverage DCN solutions enable service providers to automatically launch cloud networks across a distributed infrastructure –removing the need for manual network programming and saving time and money.
  • HPE Cloud Workload Migration: While you depend on migrating large, complex workloads into the cloud, intricate and varied sources can make customer onboarding a challenge. HPE Cloud Workload Migration offering takes the hassle out of moving those workloads by increasing migration speed, reducing cost, and decreasing risk. You can finally migrate servers automatically in bulk with no downtime and no rollbacks, even across a heterogeneous environment.


Having tailor-made solutions is important, but, like building the bed, having the right tools is critical. HPE provides many services or “tools,” including consulting, flexible financing options, education and support, to name a few.

Whether you want to build a sturdy bed or develop services, the ready-to-assemble approach makes perfect sense. With pre-tested HPE solutions, you can accelerate new services development while meeting customers’ service-level agreements and security requirements all at the same time. We’re ready when you are.

To learn more about service provider solutions that help you ‘build to order’ in a flash, check out

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