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3480 Tape Drive

Albert Smith_1
Regular Advisor

3480 Tape Drive

I was wondering if HP still sells and provides support for external 3480/3490 tape drives. And if so they know the model/part number for the tape drive.


Al Smith
Sr. HP-UX Administrator
Quest Diagnostics
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: 3480 Tape Drive

I don't know if HP has any 3480/90 tape drives or not. I've got one on my T500, but it is an STK drive and it is at least 5 years and not under maintenance by anyone.
Mike Keighley
Frequent Advisor

Re: 3480 Tape Drive

We purchased an M4 brand 3490E-compatible.
M4 model no. M490E a.k.a. "twin peaks"
As far as I know these are still available.

You must be careful if buying 3rd party, as HP-UX is fussy about which models it recongnises.

The M490E can be configured to return a Scsi enquiry string "STK 4280HP", which works.

A Fujitsu desk-top model which we also bought a while back didn't.
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Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: 3480 Tape Drive

In a search for information on the 3480 and 3490 drives, all I could find was driver support information but no sales info.

Your local HP sales rep could confirm this but I do not believe those tape drives are sold by HP.

However, I found documentation stating there is kernel driver support for s800's at 10.20 and 11.00.

Hope this helps.
"Downtime is a Crime."
Albert Smith_1
Regular Advisor

Re: 3480 Tape Drive

no longer needed