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928RX from 928LX plus 918RX

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Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

928RX from 928LX plus 918RX

A question with both technical and legal angles, I am hoping to hear from
those of you that tried something similar before.

I have these test systems at my disposal:
1 x 928LX (2 single slots)
1 x 918RX (4 single slots)

Can I mix them up to achieve these configurations?:
1 x 928RX (4 single slots)
1 x 918LX (2 single slots)

I am thinking of moving the 928 CPU into a 918RX frame.

What are the legal implications?
Missing MPE :-)
Eric Sorensen_1
Honored Contributor

Re: 928RX from 928LX plus 918RX

Hello Fred,

It looks like you are trying to create a 928RX from your 918RX. It might be possible to swap the CPUs, but I suggest you do not try it, as that would void the warrantee. You might open a hardware call with the Response Center-- if this swap is possible, those folks should be able to help you. If they cannot, then discuss your need with your contracts and/or sales rep. I would think they could find a way to upgrade or trade-in. Note: the HPSUSAN number stays with the CPU, so the contracts folks would need to know about the swap, to keep your support contracts current.
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paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: 928RX from 928LX plus 918RX

I believe (mumble, mumble, mumble) that you you would need to change the CPU and the clock chip together since (reaching into dim, Alzheimer's tainted memory) the clock speeds are different on the 918 and 928. You *might* even have to do a clean reinstall of the software if MPE decides that it does not like what you have done. (Remember the base configuration group of SYSGEN?)

Most definitely the HPSUSAN stays with the CPU in this class of machine so any third party software would be affected (need new unlock keys). (FYI, some class of boxes, it stays with the backplane)

If you are on support, tell HP contracts and be prepared for a long session of caterwauling from HP. They don't like anybody but themselves doing things like this. Be strong, have faith, the spirit of Bill & Dave will prevail.

Re: 928RX from 928LX plus 918RX

Fred, the legal implications are that you could invalidate any warranties/contracts etc You have.
You should chat to local HP support people to make sure.
Keep well.
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