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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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969KS100 Adding CPU

Doug Griesbaum
Occasional Visitor

969KS100 Adding CPU

We are wanting to add an additional CPU to or HP3000 969KS100 system, is that something that can be done by our in house IT department or does HP need to be involved?

Vicente Sanchez_3
Respected Contributor

Re: 969KS100 Adding CPU


As I remeber installation is included in the CPU price so, of course HP.

Regards, Vicente.
Denis St-Amand
Trusted Contributor

Re: 969KS100 Adding CPU

Adding a CPU does not only involve adding a board in system. When you do a "showvar hpcpuname", you display your system "model string". When adding more cpu(s), model string must be changed to "enable" cpu on os side. Only HP technicians can do that.

Also, verify with all 3rd party vendors as their software may stop working or warn you if system model string changes. It is possible some of them charge you an extra for increasing your system processing power.

Hope this will help !
Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: 969KS100 Adding CPU


By all means, I would have HP do the install of the new cpu board.

Several folks have already discussed the differences that will occur, the change to HPSUSAN and HPCPUname. A lot of vendors key on those two items. HP is able to allow you to retain the same SUSAN number but not the CPU-NAME. You will have to contact your third party vendors about the change for new codes. Each vendor has their own pricing strategy so hold onto your hat when you talk with some of the vendors, especially vendors in Canada.

My $.04 for inflation...

Chuck Ciesinski
"Show me the $$$$$"
Tony Bacon
Frequent Advisor

Re: 969KS100 Adding CPU

I can save you a lot of money on these cpus but it would require your CE to come out and install them in your 9x9 boxes. Let me know.


Tony Bacon
800-927-7474 ext.6511